What to Do if Someone Hits Your Car: Different Solutions for Different Scenarios

Know what to do if someone hits your car? When the question is asked to many people, many of them say that they would stay put. They will stick on the scene, trying to gather as much info (and possibly evidence) as possible. Let’s not forget that you should also collect the other party’s info related to insurance. It would help you file a (third party) claim for your vehicle repairs and also medical expenses.



Car Incidents and Accidents

Being involved in any incident or accident is always scary. It can be overwhelming and confusing. You may be surprised to find out that there aren’t many drivers who actually know what to do if someone hits your car. The experience itself can be frustrating; let alone if you are clueless. That’s why knowing what to do can provide a huge help. It can especially ensure your safety (as well as your passenger, if any), while making sure that you will be fairly compensated for the unfortunate event happening to you.


Being Hit While Parked

Do you know what to do if someone hits your car while it’s parked? You are parked safely and soundly, keeping your distance safe from other cars. Then you do your business. But when you return to your car, you find it damaged. Someone has hit the safely parked car and vanished! Feeling outraged? Sure, it’s normal. But instead of submitting to your anger, there are several things that you can do calmly without drama. No need to worry, the law is on your side.


What if someone hits your car and drives off


The first thing to do is to call 911. Even if you feel that no one is injured, it’s adamant that you do this. You need to make an official report. The responding officer should write a police report up to document the accident. This document is crucial if you want to make an insurance claim related to the damage.

You should also collect information; try to do it as much as possible. In the event the driver (who hit you car) is also there, collect the information about the insurance, including the policy number and provider name. Collect or record the number of the license plate, along with the car’s model and make. Try to gather up info.

If the responsible driver isn’t there, he/she should have done the right thing, which is to leave a note. In the event that they didn’t do it, the incident would be known as a hit and run. But if they are ethical enough to leave a note with contact info, insurance policy number, and name, make photo of the note, so you have the hardcopy as well as softcopy of it. Once it is kept in your phone digitally, it will stay there until you erase it.

The next thing of what to do if someone hits your car while parked is to use your smartphone to help you gather evidence. Take your car’s damaged photos along with the location. If there are some witnesses, you should collect their information. In the event your insurance company has its own app, use it to report the incident while still on the scene. Upload the information, including the photos, immediately. If the app is reliable and good, all of the evidences would be kept there. To be safer, you need to keep the evidence in your phone. Don’t erase it.

After all of those processes, you can start the claiming process. If you haven’t contacted your insurance company, do it now. Provide them with complete information and proof. You should also tell them that you have a plan to file a claim with the insurance with the other party. Afterward, do notify the other party’s (insurance) company about you filing a claim against their policyholders; well, one of them. This is usually doable over the phone or online.

Make sure that you monitor and follow up with the process. It’s quite common if you are asked more info or documents. If the other driver has liability insurance, it can cover the damaged caused by them. If you have notified your insurance company, they may work with the insurance provider of the responsible driver. You can ask your company if this is what they are doing and keep up with the process.


Being Hit while Driving

It’s not nice when you are being hit while driving. You know that you are driving safely and you have followed all the regulations and stuff, and then bam! Out of nowhere, another car crashed into you or it may sideswipe you. It can be shocking, I know! So, what to do if someone hits your car while you are driving on the road? Here are some actions you can take.

What do if someone hits your car


  • Pull over. Make sure that you get to safety first. You need to turn your light flares or hazards on so other drivers would get the warning to stop. Evaluate the scene. Check yourself of injuries. If there is a passenger, check for their injuries too.
  • Contact 911. It’s crucial to call 911 right away because the police officers can perform overall check. They will make sure that everyone involved is okay or whether there are injuries. If medical attention is needed, they can contact fire fighters and medical assistance. Once everything clears out, they can write a police report up. Again, you will need this documented report when you file a claim.
  • Collect all information. It includes the date and also time of the accident, the insurance policy info, the license plate, names, and also the contact info for the witnesses, if any.
  • Document the accident. Take photos of the license plates, location, cars, and other details. If it’s possible to draw a diagram (of the accident), do it.
  • File a claim. Just because the other driver is at fault, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t notify your insurance company. You still need to contact them and notify them. It’s possible that your provider would be working with the insurance provider of the responsible driver. They need to do it so they can determine who was at fault, and also what could be covered. Suppose everything is clear that you are innocent and the other party was responsible for the accident. In that case, you still need to inform your provider that you want to file a third party claim (with the responsible driver’s provider). If it was the other driver’s fault and your car is damaged, his/her liability insurance should may for the injuries or damages resulting from the accident.
  • The process of the third party claim is basically the same like you do with your provider. You can do it online. If you prefer the ‘old-school’ way, do it on the phone. You need to provide all the necessary and crucial info that you have collected at the scene.

The last step in what to do if someone hits your car while driving is to wait and follow up. As you go along with the process, you need to stay in touch with both providers. If you do have a collision coverage, you can claim with your provider, depending on the damage happening to your vehicle. This kind of coverage would cover damages from accidents, no matter who is wrong or right. If you have made a third party claim with the other driver’s provider, you should get a payment which is directly made to you.


Being the Victim of a Hit – and Run

What to do if someone hits your car whether while parked or while driving, and they simply leave? They don’t leave a note or they run away just like that. Whatever condition it is (whether you are moving or parked), it would be considered as simply a hit and run situation. When it happens to you, the basic steps are the same as what you do in a car accident. You should call 911, record the details of the other driver, and take photos.

Being the Victim of a Hit


If the car is parked when hit, ask people around if they have seen the accident. If they have, get their information. It’s possible to get security footage, especially if there is business around. Whatever you do, try to collect info and evidence as much as you can.

If the hit and run happens when you are driving, pull over. Check the condition of the car and the passenger, including yourself. If there are bystanders, they may witness the whole thing. Get their information. As for the rest, you do like the regular: call the 911, contact the insurance company to notify the accident, record details and collect proof, and such things alike.

Don’t get panic-y when you are being the victim of a hit and run. Even if you have not successfully identified the other driver, your insurance will still cover the damage. It’s possible that damages resulting from a hit and run would likely be covered by collision or underinsured (or uninsured) motorist coverage, depending on your state.

  • Collision coverage would be for repair or the replacement of your vehicle when it’s being hit by another object or vehicle; no matter who is wrong in this situation. But the coverage usually comes with the deductible, such as $500 or $1000. It means that you need to pay first and then you will get a reimbursement.
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage would cover your vehicle repairs and medical expenses when you are involved in an accident with another driver who doesn’t own car insurance. It’s also applicable for driver who doesn’t own sufficient amount to cover the full extent (of the damage they have caused).

In the event you are injured in a hit and run situation, the personal injury protection should cover your medical expenses and others that are related to the injury, such as childcare or lost wages.

What to do if someone hits your car but it doesn’t cause any damage? You should still report the incident to your car insurance. It’s possible that the damage would show up later, which may lead you to file a claim. The insurance from the other driver can pay for the damage happening to your car, even later, as long as the damage is caused by the accident.


Final Words

Even if the accident is caused by another driver (meaning that you are not the one to blame), it’s still crucial that you contact the police as well as your insurance company. Always call the police. It’s the first (logical) thing to do. And later, when everything clears out, you can contact the provider. Notifying them would be advantageous for you because you won’t be considered withholding facts or evidence. You have been given information and steps if you are being hit in different situations. Now that you know what to do if someone hits your car, you won’t have to be confused anymore.


FAQ: What to Do if Someone Hits Your Car?

Can you sue if someone hits your car?

Yes, you can sue someone for hitting your car. For that, you have to go to the place where the accident took place. Then you have to file a complaint of causing injury/death/loss of property.

What happens when someone hits your car?

The first thing that is going to happen is that the person who hit your car is going to feel really bad. And that is what they are going to focus on. This is not bad, this is what you should have done. The second person that is going to feel really bad is you. Yes. You are going to feel really bad. But it really doesn't matter what the other person is feeling. This is your life at stake. You know what to do and that is what you should do. As far as the third person is concerned, well, this person will be the same person who hit your car in the first place, right? Yes, that person is going to feel that he should have not hit your car.

What if someone hits your car without insurance?

If someone hits your car, call the police and ask them to file a formal complaint. Do not talk to the driver or let him leave. See if your car can be towed to the nearest police station. Ask the police to call the Insurance Company and ask that the damage repair be covered under insurance. They should send a claims adjuster to your car. The adjuster will then decide the amount of liability and send you the bill. Then the insurance company will settle the damage and give you a check for that amount.

What if someone hits your car and leaves?

The first step to do is, when the incident happens, you should immediately call the police. Tell them the car number plate. The policeman on duty then notifies the nearest traffic police. The traffic police then comes and checks the car. Next, they check his license. They legally check the car, if you are covered by insurance or not. If he belongs to the traffic police, he will tell you to stay calm.

When someone hits your car who do you call?

Call the police, not your insurance company.

Someone hits your car in parking lot?

The first thing that you need to do is remain calm even though you've just witnessed a crime. If anyone asks, don't ask any unnecessary questions. If someone asks questions, answer with a calm tone. They might wound you. If you panic, the situation will become more dangerous. The second thing that you need to do is call the police and refer to the incident report carefully, so that you don't have to repeat the same mistake. Thirdly, you can file a complaint with the police and file a case against the offender.

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