WFG Life Insurance Reviews To Know What WFG Offers and How It Works

There are absolutely lots to explore when it comes to search for life insurance companies that sell a variety of products and services. So, trust our WFG life insurance reviews to narrow your choices. What is actually WFG and how does it work? Check with our full review below and find any of valuable information dealing with the life insurance you might be looking for.


About WFG

WFG stands for World Financial Group. It is a multi-level management company that focuses on recruitment over anything else. WFG can be your perfect place to look for a solid life insurance policy instead of having an unexpected business opportunity.


What WFG Sells

What does WFG actually sell? Based on their website, The World Financial Group sells a finance product aimed to provide the middle class people with either tools or savings vehicles in order that they can give future protection for themselves and their families.


What WFG Offers

Based on our WFG life insurance reviews, the World Financial Group offers security through the policies they sell in partnership with Transmerica, an insurance company. The products backed by Transmerica include the insurance protection, retirement strategies, legacy strategies, long-term care insurance and business solution.

Meanwhile, the products that the company offers are the life insurance policies, mutual funds, investment vehicles for retirement solutions and group insurance/benefits plans that are designed for businesses.

The WFG acts like a boilerplate outlet for Transmerica in order to sell a wide range of services. This way, Transmerica has a high rate as an insurance provider. However, tough they are able to sell reputable products, they cannot take away from the World Financial Group. Otherwise, they will be reputed unpleasantly.


Types of Life Insurance Provided by WFG

As many other life insurance companies, WFG also comes with the types of life insurance you can consider purchasing. They are term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

The term life insurance offers protection for a particular number of years. This insurance type usually offers the more affordable policies than the permanent insurance type though they have the same face value. However, term life insurance type doesn’t offer the cash value.

In comparison, the permanent life insurance offers the coverage that remains in use though the policy holders pass away. Truly, you can remain the coverage as long as you pay the premiums. In this case, most of permanent life insurance policies build cash value which can be the benefit of purchasing the policies.

The World Financial Group’s permanent insurance policies are featuring the tax-free death benefit, lower premium, accessible to cash value, market participation, tax advantages, guaranteed minimum interest rate and flexible premium payments.


How Much Does Transmerica Life Insurance Cost?

Without taking the prevailing opinion behind the World Financial Group, Transmerica is a legitimate company offering solid insurance products to people in the marketplace. However, the Transmerica life insurance products can be 25%. It can even be more expensive than the other competitors.

The rates the Transmerica offers are for 44 year-old non-smoker male in California with the perfect health for $100,000 policies with medical exam requirements.


Focusing On Recruitment

Based on our WFG life insurance reviews, the manual system used in the World Financial Group is the word “Sell” that means it is 14 times to exactly sell. Instead, the WFG company prefers using its 60 pages to come with the intricate system particularly for recruitment.

While people see the WFG works to sell Transmerica policies, it focuses on recruiting people more than just selling the life insurance policies provided by Transmerica. Their systems and leadership manuals become their guiding principles which are Law of Averages, meaning that a big recruiting at the average level will help them stand out while the Law of High Numbers shows that the high volume of recruitment increase your opportunity for gaining success. In short, the company tends to find the high performers and get profits from them.

Based on the online reviews identification, this contributes to the different quality of agents. As the company focuses on recruiting people and a turning door of agents and associates, there will be a gap in understanding the company’s policies and products.

Hence, the World Financial Group requires their recruits not to buy policies in order to be part of WFG. However, it also doesn’t require the $100 administrative fee you must pay to get educational materials and learn the selling strategies designed by WFG.

The World Financial Group also assumes that many recruits do not always work out. This shows the heavy emphasis on the recruitment will constantly make new recruits.


Joining WFG

Joining the World Financial Group is best considered to have low of commitment. The opportunity provided by the company can be used to pay dividends. As WFG encourages people to achieve a lifestyle, the used of tactics in MLM is juts common then, based on our WFG life insurance reviews.

Once you decide to join WFG, you’ll be required to recruit three more people only in 72 hours. If you can achieve this goal then you will get dollars in front of your eyes. In the world of life insurance companies, this will allow the company to grow exponentially. This process is called as tap-rooting, a way that enables the company to reach the higher level links in encouraging new recruits up to three or four layers deep. This will ideally create a smooth upline of revenue.

The tap-rooting process also represents the “3-3-30 Strategy”, meaning that a trainee will come with the three new recruits and make three sales in 30 days over the course. This will serve the company a “Fast Start” that is making the new recruits as earlier as possible. Hence, they can help build their own way.

This system is all about establishing a momentum to keep the company going and selling the policies as well as expecting to start gaining more commissions by creating an upline.


The Reasons Why WFG Have A Bad Online Reputation

According to the WFG life insurance reviews, the World Financial Group has a bad online reputation regardless that they are already backed by Transmerica. Meanwhile, Transmerica is a reputable insurance policies and financial solutions provider.

Of course, there are reasons why such things do happen. First, the company emphasizes the recruiting tactics and high level of turnover very intensely. This is sourced from the testimonials from the previous associates stating that the company focuses more on recruiting than on serving the customers with the life insurance to meet their needs. This case cannot lead them to succeed.

Based on the Glassdoor review, even the associates cannot get their commissions unless they are licensed. Unfortunately, the World Financial Group announces that there have been less than half associates joining them get licensed. This means that the commissions just go to the upline directly rather than to a person that actually make the sale.

In short, there is nothing to worry about the Transmerica policies and financial vehicle’s WFG sale. You’ll just need to be more aware of both the sales and the recruitment tactics that the company’s agents are making use of. You’ll need extra knowledge to understand the policies they are selling and offering to you.


Downside of MLM Operation on WFG

World Financial Group operates as an MLM. The more people join, the harder it is to turn a profit. The cycle works only when there are more people investing their money in hopes of making more rather than line everyone’s money above them.

That is how the WFG implement a Network Marketing at which the success is determined by the number or people recruited. Simple to understand, recruiting people will also recruit people. However, it is hard enough to motivate people when they cannot turn a profit as promised just because they cannot complete the target of recruiting people.

Well, this has become the biggest downside if a life insurance company runs to work for MLM. This notes the WFG as the life insurance company that has high level or turn over. So, if you want to make more money, then you should recruit more people. That’s what WFG aiming at.


How To Find The Right Insurance for Your Future with WFG

Later on our WFG life insurance reviews, there are the tips we are going to share. When looking for the right insurance with WFG, you’ll need to question and answer them honestly.

  • How much the long or short term debt do you have now?
  • Do you have any long-term goals? What are they?
  • How much income do you need to take the insurance?
  • How many years do you want to take the insurance?
  • How much do you want to set aside for the emergency funds or funeral cost?
  • Do you have any asset to cover the cost of insurance?

Once you get the answer to your own questions, you’ll advised to meet with an experienced life insurance agent for further actions. The agent will help you evaluate what you need to ensure that you will get the right life insurance coverage along with the amount of it.


Things To Remember

While you have enriched with everything about the World Financial Group life insurance company along with how they work, there are things to specifically remember about the life insurance provided by WFG.

First, there are many different types of permanent life insurance coverage offered by the company. So, make sure that the coverage you purchase will meet all of your needs. Second, not all permanent insurance is involved in index funds or stock market. Third, the whole life insurance type is not available for flexible premium payments. Due to this limitation, the premiums can increase, decrease, be skipped and even stopped on the other permanent life insurance policies including universal life insurance. But, if you don’t make any regular premiums payments, the risk of policy lapsing will increase.



Finally, you can make a conclusion drawn from the WFG life insurance reviews. Simple to understand, the World Finance Group is a multi-level insurance company that mainly focus on making profit by recruiting people. Recruit people will lead to recruit again and again. This makes the company rated bad online since they emphasize on recruiting people instead of serving the customers with the insurance.

To provide life insurance, the World Financial Group is backed by Transmerica which is one of the popular life insurance providers. Like many other insurance company, WFG also provides both the term life insurance type and permanent insurance type. Backed by Transmerica, you don’t have to worry about the policies you purchase. One thing that you’ll need to ensure is that the coverage you purchase will basically meet your needs. So, be careful and selective to choose a coverage.

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