Creative Ways to Make Money Online Coding Effortlessly

Although coding is a promising future career because of the era we are living in, many people are still wondering about the possible ways to make money online coding. Programming and coding are two skills that you can’t separate. Not to mention that we live in a high-paced tech world where everything grows and develops to meet the modern standard. In the event that you are learning coding, or you probably already have the knowledge (and the experience) from it, why not monetizing it? In most cases, people choose freelancing their coding skills, but feel free if you want to dedicate yourself to a particular establishment.



The Promising Thing about Programming

Do you have the skills in coding and programming? Or you may plan on developing it. You probably have been thinking about learning more about it, but you aren’t really sure about it. A lot of people wonder whether they can make money from it. Well, the great news is: You can! In fact, it is one of today’s most lucrative and promising skills. The sky is the limit! You are able to enjoy unlimited opportunities based on your creativity. No need to worry about running out of jobs or orders. If you put your mind through it (and you are able to show your solid professionalism), there are limitless ways to make money online coding. Who doesn’t want to be your own boss? Well, this one allows you to do it, if you are willing.


Online Freelancing

Most people are worried that their freelancing work won’t be able to help them pay the bills. But as it was mentioned before, you won’t have to run out of orders if you can combine good marketing skills, put the right mindset, and you join the right platforms. Try to reach out; use your networking skills. You can always go local where you reach out to your ‘offline’ community, but don’t forget to also do the same thing in the virtual world. Moreover, online setting can help you reach out to bigger and wider market, enabling you to have more clients.

One of the ways to make money online coding is to join the freelancing platforms. Some platforms may be general (they offer different services altogether, such as freelancers for artwork, for programmers, for language translators, for writers, etc) while the others may be more specific (platforms for programmers only or platforms for translators only). Many individuals and businesses turn to these platforms because they constantly need helps with their programs and coding issues. If you are able to show them your skills and professional manners, you are off to a good start.

Don’t forget that you want to get positive reviews and to build trust when using these platforms. If you are able to do so, then you can build positive portfolio that can give you fruitful outcome. However, the online world doesn’t have any restriction, which means that you are free to try other ways. You are free to utilize your social media and reach out to potential clients. Words of mouth can be a super effective way to get your credibility around. Maximize your Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn account. You can also try the offline networking where you get connected to others with the regular way: direct face to face.


Coding Blogging

It’s true that blogging may take time to earn you money, but it can be great for long term earning. Moreover, blogging is great if you like to interact and communicate with others. If you want to share your knowledge or experience with the others, you can dedicate your blog for coding topic only. You can provide contents about general facts of coding as well as solutions to the common (coding) issues. It can be a great alternative from your programmer’s routine.

Creating contents for coding blogs can be one of the best ways to make money online coding, especially if you are into writing. There are many perks to the gig aside of getting income, such as channeling your writing passion and opening doors to project collaborations, especially with other programmers. This blogging method is pretty flexible. Aside from making your own website, you can join other existing websites or publishers. Some platforms would be more than happy to financially reward you for the contribution. This way really hones your writing skill and it also helps you develop your skills.


Coding Events, Contests, and Challenges

How is joining a contest or an event can be beneficial for you? How can it be one of the best ways to make money online coding? First of all, it would present you chances to learn and develop. In case you don’t know it, challenges and contests can test your coding skills and then expose you – to more channels, opportunities, and doors. Second, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to it or not, it will help you grow in various ways. If you are new to the subject, it’s your chances of exposure and learning. If you are an advanced programmer, it still gives you a learning opportunity. After all, more exposures to problems and challenges would seriously improve your skills and abilities.

Moreover, you can learn more about coding in a fun (and less serious) way! The contests can come in various modes. Some contents may require you to solve a particular unique issue. Some challenges may require you to write or make certain codes. This kind of competition can challenge your logic and critical thinking skill. Not only it enables you to think out of the box, but you are free to utilize new ideas. Who knows? You may come up with new inventions or ideas for your next development.


Coding Teaching or Tutoring

Being a coding teacher is another one of the best ways to make money online coding without having to leave the comfort of your house. Today, there are so many different ways to achieve it. You can always provide private teaching mode where it’s one on one basis through online. In most cases, you can get connected with your clients via Zoom or other video apps. If you still doubtful about the success of this method, you should know that there are many people who want to learn programming. They may not be able to join the regular class because of their limited time. Some people aren’t really comfortable to join a class because they may not be able to focus.  These people are willing to spend money so they can get direct interaction with the teacher.

Another possible method is to make videos about coding topics. Whether you make long videos or short ones, make sure that each video is easily understood and they provide detailed information. You can sell each video or promote them as a package. Whatever works your favor!

Joining platforms is also possible. Some people have done the second method and sell their videos within a platform. Platforms, such as Udemy, help tutors as well as students to get what they want. Some advanced programmers have even used their social media (such as YouTube) to provide service, solve coding issues, and monetize their skills.

Teaching is definitely one of the most promising ways to make money online coding, especially if you can manage everything correctly and within the most professional manner. Make sure that you invest in reliable equipment and gear, such as microphone and application. It doesn’t hurt to develop teaching schedules or plans so you know what kind of topics or subjects to cover. You probably think that you can use the regular stuff or equipment, which is completely fine. But if you can invest in high quality equipment, not only they will last long, but they can also help you create better contents with more premium outcome.


e-Book Sales

If you have several years of experience in your hands, it would be a good idea to sell e-books focusing on programming and coding subjects. It’s almost the same as teaching, but this one requires you to put everything in written form. This one would be one of the best ways to make money online coding, especially if you are an experienced coder and you have a pretty impressive writing skills. It would be even greater if you can develop and create a (teachable) curriculum, which can help those who need some help and knowledge.

There are so many different ways to pull this off. You are able to utilize your social media to sell the books. You can also join platforms or websites. While being able to promote your books, you can also provide solutions and consultation. The latter option would help build your credibility and good names. Feel free to access Bookfinder, eBay, or Amazon to sell your books. Moreover, this method also gives you flexibility and freedom. Want to write the book in each different topic, but in a very detailed manner? Or do you prefer talking about different kinds of things, so your book can consist of different topics and themes? There is nothing right or wrong about doing this, so make sure that you are completely comfortable doing this.


Develop (Open Source) Coding Tools

A tool can be extremely handy and useful because it generally targets users’ productivity. If you make it open source, you should be able to help others along the way. You are able to create machine learning and data science modules (and also tools) with various languages, such as C++ or Java or Python. In this way, you are able to create it as (open source) plugins for certain software, like Tableau or Excel. Feel free to build free (and language specific) coding tools to deliver seamless software deployment and development for other programs.

This is one of the best ways to make money online coding to get you extra cash as well as helping out others. Keep in mind that open source doesn’t necessarily mean that you would be rewarded handsomely. But you should remember that every code is unique depending on the creators. If you are unique and you have the signature style, you should be able to attract attention and also high demand requirements. After that, you should try monetizing it. There are several examples to get inspiration. Things like SaaS (Software as a Service) and Sublime Text (tools like WordPress) are the perfect examples of this kind of coding development.


Final Words

In the end, how do you want to make use of your coding and programming skills is totally up to you. It depends on your creativity on taking benefits of your knowledge and experience, and how you are going to monetize it. Some ways may be faster than the others, but if you are smart and creative, there are basically limitless ways to make money online coding within your own comfort zone.

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