National Family Life Insurance Reviews and Why the Provider’s Satisfaction Rating Is High

It’s advisable to read National Family Life Insurance reviews if you are looking for a life insurance that can offer you (and your family) the best benefits. But you should also remember that different providers have different regulations and policies. Not all insurance policies are uniformed or perfect for the clients. This is another reason why you should read reviews, so you know what you can get from an insurance provider if you decide to have their policy.



About National Family Life Insurance

National Family would be a perfect option, especially if you reside in one of the nineteen states being covered by the company. Aside from offering tons of discounts, they also offer unique add-ons that can benefit you and your loved ones. It is a company that gets high customer satisfaction, making it different from other competitors. You should be aware that life insurance companies don’t really often get high rating or high satisfaction level. But National Family does, and it speaks volumes of its abilities, performance, and professionalism. Check their National Family Life Insurance reviews to learn more about their services.

As a part of National Family Assurance Group, National Family Assurance is located and based within Bellavue, Washington. The bigger company has its own function as a marketplace (with online system) for auto, health, home, and life insurance coverage. The company offers the most competitive products from various providers, such as Liberty Mutual, GEICO, Nationwide Progressive, Esurance, and Allstate.

This insurance is considered appealing and attractive for those purchasing their life insurance coverage for the first time. But the main focus is for those who want to enjoy simple and drama-free management through the net. If you choose the company as your provider, you can expect some good stuff and impeccable services.


Life Insurance Types

If you read National Family Life Insurance reviews, you’d know that the company does offer different kinds of policies and coverage. What are they?


  • Term Life Insurance

Also known as pure life insurance, this kind of coverage provides insurance protection in a straightforward manner. It is one of the most purchased types as it is quite inexpensive when it comes to annual premium price. Those who choose this kind of policy have to pay a certain amount of money within a certain period, which can be 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years. In some providers, you may be able to have 40 years of coverage period. But it can also lasts for only several years, such as 3 years or 8 years. It’s up to you, as long as you pay the premiums within that certain period. When the term expires (or ends), the coverage would also expire. But it’s always possible to renew the coverage with higher price or convert it to the whole life coverage.


  • Whole Life Insurance

This is another option that has (guaranteed) cash value policy. If you check the National Family Life Insurance reviews, you’ll know that they also offer this kind of coverage. From the name alone, you can guess that the policy is a permanent type, lasting for a lifetime, but you need to pay all the premiums. If you die, the death benefit would be given to your beneficiary, which can be your spouse, your children, or other appointed people. Generally, the amount would be higher than the original value because you will get dividends. You can use the dividends to buy extra (paid-up) life insurance.

The whole life insurance is basically the original format of life insurance concept itself. Feel free to use whole life insurance as investment too because not only your beneficiary enjoy the death benefit, but it also accrues cash value, which is expected to gradually ‘generate’ money. Of course, this kind of insurance has its own benefits and drawbacks, but it may be the perfect option for you.


  • Universal Life Insurance

Term life insurance comes with fixed premiums, while universal life insurance provides flexibility in the premium, provided that there are enough funds in the policy to cover insurance cost. The premiums may be higher or less from one year to the next, depending on your cash performance and also your personal preference for the policy. This kind of insurance may not have dividends payments, but it has interest rate for the cash within the policy. The interest rate would be related to reference rate and it usually changes every year.

If you aren’t really interested in this universal life insurance, you can opt for variable universal life insurance. This insurance enables owners to invest cash value to the policy’s variable subaccounts. The performance would mimic the mutual funds, and it would be tied to bond and equity markets.


  • Final Expense Insurance

This is a part of whole life insurance having smaller amount than the regular whole life coverage. It is designed to cover the ‘final’ costs that usually cover attorney, settling final expenses, funeral, and often burial costs. The average funeral cost is around $7,000 and it can go up for more than $20,000. If you have this kind of insurance, your family won’t have to deal with financial burden after your death. This insurance is generally bought by the senior citizens and it has limited (or even no) underwriting.


National Family Available Riders

Based on National Family Life Insurance reviews, there are extra riders that can act as supplements to your traditional plan. It’s a good thing that National Family offers various riders that can benefit their clients

  • Child protection. It can be added to the whole life insurance, covering costs to a death of a child. The smaller death is smaller
  • Accidental death benefit. It is added to the policy when the owner dies because of accidental death
  • Spouse protection. It often comes with term life insurance.
  • Long term care. The extra coverage to life insurance pays for the health services for chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s. It will help with the insured’s assets if they have to go through long term care. It allows them to still have death benefits for their heirs or beneficiaries.
  • Disability income. This is handy when the person is injured severely and they can’t work. For full disability, it can pay specific benefits. This can deliver income for expenses that happen during a disability
  • Guaranteed insurability. Some people may have issues when they want to get life insurance, due to their specific age or health issues. With this rider, you won’t have to worry about this issue because it assures eligibility
  • Family income benefit. If the policy holder passes away, the beneficiaries can enjoy the (decedent’s) amount of salary for specific period of time.
  • Critical illness rider. Every provider has their own lists that they would consider as critical illness. But this kind of rider would offer living benefits (paying for the medical services) if the policy holder suffers from serious health issues.


National Family Unique Features

Based on National Family Life Insurance reviews, National Family Assurance would be created and designed to provide different types of life insurance for different carriers. It means that the features would vary. However, if you check the site, you will find some fixed features, and they include:

  • You don’t have to go through medical examination
  • The coverage can reach up to $500,000
  • The approval is guaranteed up to 85 years of age
  • It offers life insurance savings up to 70%

The main purpose of National Family is to offer the best insurance product for those who enjoy online application and purchasing. But the company also provides products for individuals who want to talk to the insurance agent through phone. However, don’t be surprised if there are differences between the two services. The online version offers one policy quote, while discussion through the phone can deliver extra options.

Moreover, the brand has impressive financial strength. Every insurer through National Family is rated through different assessment agencies. For instance, Allstate gets A+ from Standard & Poor, A+ from AM Best, and A1 from Moody’s. However, you should also remember that every agency has their own grading system. It means that an A+ in an agency would mean differently from A+ in other agencies.

Another crucial thing to remember is the financial health of the provider. You don’t want to meet obstacles when you have to make claims. Most importantly, you want your provider to cover all expenses related to your claim, and it’s only possible if your provider has good financial health. Rest assured that companies working together with National Family all have good standing concerning this regard.


Company Ratings and Customer Services

BBB gave A+ rating to National Family Assurance in 2019 – you can check the National Family Life Insurance reviews. Because the company works together with various different insurers, it would be wise to check those companies’ performance and customer service by checking the BBB to get more info. But for your information, this insurance provider has had only 25 complaints since 2016, and most of which were related to ads or sales efforts, rather than related to claim issues or the products individually.


The Basic Application Process

If you read National Family Life Insurance reviews, you will see that the overall application process is done online. The specific process relies on the company providing the coverage, but the general questions are typically similar to one another.

Before you fill out the application, the site has a form asking basic questions, asking for your height, tobacco use, age, and location. If there are personal questions, they are mostly asking about prescribed medication or whether they have got medical treatments within 5 years, especially for ailments like chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, or others.

Once you have gone through the questionnaire, you will be recommended a list of insurance providers. There would also be the info about the monthly estimated cost for picking a certain insurance or which one would be the right one for you. This price transparency is pretty impressive, and many customers appreciate the information of their spending.

You should also remember that getting the quotes doesn’t always mean that you will get the same thing when you directly apply for them. National Family would help prospects or future policyholders to get ideas and information about the options given to them, as well as how much they should expect to spend.

You will have to provide your personal data in details, such as the security number, date of birth, health info, and such things alike. When you buy insurance, you should be aware (and be extremely carefully) for providers asking for your banking info. Legit providers won’t do such a thing. Also be careful for providers who won’t offer you any quote if you aren’t subscribed to their (marketing) emails.


The Website Security

You want to choose a provider that can keep and take care of their customers details. It’s related to trust and reliability. Legit providers have their own privacy policy and it can give you ideas on how they keep their customers data (and info) safe. You should also find out whether they would share (customer) info with other third parties, such as agents, carriers, and insurance brokers to offer products or services with insurance basis.

In the end, you need to read as many reviews as possible, especially if it can help you making a better and more educated decision. Hopefully, the National Family Life Insurance reviews can help you make the right decision.

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