How to Make Money Online as a Student: All the Possible Options

How make money online as a student? One of the most important phases in life is to be a student. It’s not easy being one, especially in today’s world. Not only they have to deal with the full-time commitment and ‘occupation’ as a student, they also need to figure out how to make money. They are in the stage where they are no longer kids, but they haven’t yet reached the stage of being adult. They need to be prepared, and it includes financial preparation and readiness. Students have been working part times as a part of their path to adulthood, but they need to find one that doesn’t get into their study.

This is when things can be complicated. In one side, most jobs require experience from the students’ part. But how these students can get the experience if they have never started from the beginning? Moreover, many jobs turn out needing a lot of investments – another resource that these students don’t have. It’s a good thing that we live in the era where technology rules. Instead of depending on the regular and old-school jobs, they can always turn to technology. So, if you are wondering how make money online as a student, you should be looking into these options and starting it out.



Insurance Sales

How make money online as a student? You can be a POSP 0r Point of Salesperson and start selling insurance. In case you don’t know what a POSP is, it is an agent (for insurance) working with an insurance company in order to sell the products online. It’s time versatile and you can do it online, which gives you a lot of flexibility to manage your study and your work together.

The basic requirements are certain age limit as well as training. The minimum age requirement is 18. You must also have finished Class 10. In most cases, there is compulsory training that you need to complete. In general, you have to finish the 15 hour training that has been provided by IRDAI. This job can hone your sales skills, which you can continue as a full time job. Your earning depends on how many policies you can sell. Naturally, the more you sell, the more you will get.


Online Tutoring

Right now, teaching or tutoring doesn’t have to happen in an offline setting. It can also happen online. So, if you are wondering how make money online as a student, the answer is to try online tutoring. After all, as a student, you will learn new things constantly. If you like sharing your knowledge and skills with others, this would be a perfect opportunity to make extra bucks. There are tons of perks of becoming an online tutor. First of all, it’s super flexible. Do you prefer tutoring kids? Or do you prefer tutoring adults? Maybe you like tutoring both? What kind of knowledge or skill do you want to share? Is it schoolwork? Skills, like playing guitar or drawing? See? The options are limitless.

Second, you only need a solid internet connection. This is a work that you can do anywhere; whether you are at your dorm, at your parents’ house, in the park, in the coffee shop, etc. you don’t need to travel to your students’ house. Moreover, the online technology makes it possible for you to get connected from different people all around the world. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can tutor for someone in France about drawing anime? Or you are in Florida, but you are tutoring an elementary student from Wisconsin? Talk about not being limited by geographical boundaries!

Whether you want to start your business on your own or you want to join virtual (tutoring) platform, the choice is up to you. If you are interested in the later, you can always join Coursera,  SkillShare, or Udemy. You have social media, right? Take advantage of it to introduce your business. Reach out to your circles and broadcast your business.

In the future, you can continue this as a part-time work. It’s very rare to make this a full-time job, but if you have a passion in teaching, you may have a future job as a teacher. Or if you have another passion, you can still keep this teaching session as your part-time activity. Don’t you love it when you can get paid while doing the things you love?

When it comes to requirements, there is little demand for monetary investment, but it would be a good idea to make sure that you have fast online connection (and make sure that it’s also good) as well as impressive teaching skills. This one can be quite rewarding, depending on the subject and expertise level. If you are able to provide skills that not many people are able to do, you can enjoy handsome reward on an hourly basis. So, no need to worry anymore about how make money online as a student because now you know how!


Data Entry

Data entry is another possible job that students can do without having to spend anything as their initial way. It’s actually an ideal part-time work because not only it’s flexible, but it’s also a no-brainer. You don’t have to think hard, you can do it at your own time, and you won’t have to spend money for anything. But make sure that you register and join trusted websites, such as Guru, Data Plus, or Freelancer. Don’t be easily fooled by too-good-to-be-true offers. Shady websites may ask you to work but then they disappear after you have done your part.

You don’t want to do charity work, do you? And even after you have joined the trusted websites, you still need to check the legitimacy of your clients. It’s possible that you will get jobs from companies around the world, but then again, if they are shady, they may disappear. Even worse, they may do something with your account after you transfer the account details.

How make money online as a student with data entry job? Well, make sure that you have a computer. It can be a PC or a laptop. It would be even better if you have good knowledge of Excel, as well as other Microsoft tools. How much you can earn depends on the job that you do. The more you get, the more you can earn. It’s also possible to continue this job as a part-time job in the future. If you have tons of free times, this can give you also tons of extra bucks.


Beta Testing Websites and Apps

How make money online as a student? How about becoming a tech tester? Today’s people have direct (and easy) access to computer and smartphone. If you want to work part time and get money, you can always try testing websites and apps out. When app developers and companies create new websites or applications, they need to make sure that those things will work. During the testing stage, they would hire users to do something called Beta Testing. You simply use the app and then report your experience as a user. If there are any problems or bugs, those reports are going to be handy. After all, everyone wants to have apps (or sites) that are completely perfect and free of bugs and issues.

The basic requirement is to own an up-to-date operating system, including Windows, iOS, or Android. You don’t even need to have any knowledge of the product. There are several popular sites that can help you be a Beta tester, such as TryMyUI,, Tester Work, or Beta Testing. Can you earn money from being a tester? Of course you can! It depends on the provider and the overall process really. But the extra money is quite handsome.

Is the job doable in the future? Well, this kind of work is typically done as a part-time job. But if you experience development with software or programming (you may learn IT or programming), it’s possible to be a full-time tester. Moreover, this kind of work is interesting for those who are into coding, programming, blogging, and technical stuff. So, isn’t it great if you can get money while being engaged in the thing that you love?


Translation Work

If you are into language so much, why not taking translation jobs? This is perfect for those who are bilinguals. This is also great for those who are studying another language. I know someone who understands Italian, English, and French fluently because those are the languages he uses at home. And then he also takes a German class. He has been working as a translator, using his language skills to earn money since he was a student – and it’s his profitable part-time job. Although he already has a job, he is still doing the translation work simply because he loves it. And he never runs out of orders – that’s how lucrative the job can be if you are able to manage it professionally.

Moreover, he has been using this work to practice his German. It may not be as perfect as his three other languages, but his progress is fast and positive. The work helps him a lot in having better grasp of the language. That’s why he excels quite well in class. There is no need to worry about running out of order. There are so many companies and businesses that need good and professional translation work, and it can include audio files, academic papers, documents, and so much more.

So, how make money online as a student with impressive language skills? Be a translator! You can start your own business or you can also join agencies. There are also many freelance websites that need such skills. Depending on your skills and experience, you can make a lot of money – per page! Can you do it for your future career? Why not? Whether you decide to make it a part-time job or a full-time career, it’s all in your hand. You simply need a computer (or a laptop) and your brain, and off you go.


Online Surveys

Online surveys can help you get extra money. Plus, they are flexible. Do it during your free time. There are many survey companies that need your help. After all, companies and businesses need buyers or customers feedback to improve their products or services. In general, you can join the survey sites. Create an account. If your demographic matches the requirements, then you will be ‘allowed’ to take part in the survey.

The offers for the rewards can be various. Some surveys may offer money, in which you can withdraw after it meets the minimum amount. Some surveys may offer gift cards. Some may offer points which you can exchange with money after meeting certain requirements. Basically, you can join any service whose rewards fit your preference.

All in all, those are some of the possible online jobs that students can do. If you are still wondering how make money online as a student, you’ve got the answers above.

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