14 Strategies on How To Get Life Insurance Leads

Getting a new life insurance lead can be the toughest part of running on an insurance agency. Today, there have been lots of multiple lead generation strategies available over the internet but getting the most suitable one to work best for you is not as easy as people think of.

There is only one key rule in obtaining life insurance leads; build a strong relationship with the clients. In this digital world, generating insurance life can be accomplished over the internet easily and quickly. However, building a strong relationship with the clients in the real world means you are building a strong foundation for your life insurance agency. If you want to succeed, the first thing to do is establishing and nurturing solid relationships with the potential clients.

Now if you are looking for the best strategies on how to get life insurance leads, here we have summarized the 14 strategies to help improve your success rate rapidly and significantly.



Customer Referrals

What do customer referrals mean? Based on the study, people will consider purchasing a life insurance from your agency after a friend referred them. This way, customer referrals means your customer recommendation toward someone to purchase your insurance products and services.

In this regards, your customers are gold. So ask them for referrals by turning them into your brand ambassadors and increasing your conversations opportunity. The referral program can be started along with the discounts offerings to customers who successfully lead people to purchase insurance from your agency. Your customers will also be more loyal to you.

Here are the short tips to successfully conduct a referral program.

  1. When one of your customers keep renewing his policies from you, ask him for referrals right away.
  2. Use the right way to make a request. You can both send an email to your customers and by in-person.
  3. Never hesitate to ask more than once.

Most importantly, appreciate your customers for their referrals by sending a confirmation email to let them know that you are appreciating their leads. This is called referral loop closing.


Social Media

social media marketing for life insurance agents


Today, more and more people at all ages are busy around social media. It is no longer a tool for people who want to keep in touch with their friends or communities. Social media is now a new digitals world that all people can enter to do anything positively. Also, it is even become the best place for business development channel.

At present, Facebook and Instagram are the two platform that everyone around the world stay to do their business including selling products and services to the potential clients. So why don’t you utilize this social media to generate insurance leads?

We notice, there are three social media that prove to help with the lead generation strategies. They are:

  • Instagram Marketing that is the most suitable for insurance leads.
  • Facebook Ads for insurance leads.
  • Twitter which is also considered the best place to generate insurance leads.

If you want to increase your social media ads efficiency, us the available targeting options to ensure your ads are appearing to the target audience or to people who are really interested in purchasing insurance products or services from you agency.


Google Search Ads PPC

The next strategy on how to get life insurance leads you can try to apply is using Google Search Ads PPC that is predicted to be able to handle an average of 63,000 questions per second. How impressive it is! Now you can imagine how you will generate life insurance leads if you appear on Google first page.

Google search ads help display your products in front of the right audiences in the right time. In other words, your products will be displayed to its audience when they need them most. For example, if you run ads for a health policy, depending on your targeting options, you will appear among the very first search results every time a customer looks for information about such policies.

That is best described as a real-time targeting that enhances the lead generation efforts efficiency.


List of Purchase Leads

Though generating leads is hard today, you can now buy the list of purchase leads over the internet. Yes, you can buy them simply online. This strategy provides an easy access for you to connect to people who are seemingly interested in your insurance products. Once you get them, the best thing to do next is reach out to them.

For some salespeople, this strategy efficiency is still skeptical. However, if you want to purchase them, you had better buy from a legitimate seller. And, make sure you can focus on converting them into the paying customers. In other words, they must finally purchasing your insurance products.

Buying list of purchase leads will enable you not only to save more time and more money bust also to provide you with the quick access to a large database. In short, make sure you buy the list of purchase leads that are designed to fit your insurance company.


Community Building

When it comes to find strategies on how to get life insurance leads, consider building a community. In most cases, people buy life insurance from people running the business instead of the business itself. That’s the reason why most insurance companies are working more on socializing their brands as it gives them opportunities to build connections with the potential customers.

Community building is one of the strategies to generate life insurance leads by helping you build the trust between your insurance agency/company and your target market. In your community, focus on winning the customer’s heart so you can be an insurance champion there. Also, focus on funding the local charity events, working with the local school staffs, joining school district functions, hosting golf tournaments and etc.


Create A Good Official Website

Create A Good Official Website


An official website is your second home or office that would be the best place to offer anything. It is also as the most effective tool for generating life insurance leads. However, if you have created your own official website and it doesn’t generate any leads at all, perhaps your website is outdated, unresponsive on some specific devices, has lack of content to rank on search engine results pages and the content you have included isn’t yet optimized.

A good official website must always be updated with the new creative contents. Also, make sure that you find a web design agency that could help you create the appealing one in order to attract the potential customers.


Create A Blog

If you are creating a blog to rank well on the search engine, you may make a mistake. In most blogs of insurance agencies, their contents are not quite relevant, resulting in the low insurance leads generation.

See your target audience and create a proper content that simply your potential customers mostly need. Make sure the main purpose of creating blog is to help potential customers trust your insurance agency.


Host Webinars

Hosting the webinars can also the suitable strategy to get life insurance leads. In this webinars, show your potential customers that your insurance policies are the best choice to consider. In hosting the webinars, you can share both helpful and relevant information though that’s not too promotional.

Hosting educational webinars is one of the examples you can do. Collect the most pressing questions that your target audience probably has and address him/her on your webinar.


Have Smart Customer Support

Based on the study conducted to learn on how to get life insurance leads, customer service is the key of the company to work out the business with. In fact, most of the companies enhance their business development by providing excellent customer service.

In the world of life insurance, customer support is like a face of your agency. So, it is good to invest in them since they will handle the customers’ questions as well as curiosity. They will contribute to how you will generate the life insurance leads.



A good networking will let you to gain in a large number of opportunities that the other strategies will not. You will be directed to an access to meet some potential customers if you are partnered with either mortgage brokers and lending officers.

Networking builds such a regular professional interaction between your insurance agency and the target audience as well as potential customers. These will help you get highly qualified insurance leads.


Offer Valuable Content

In marketing, offering valuable content is one of the techniques that is commonly used to attract potential customers to your site. Once you own an official website for your life insurance agency, make sure you create and offer valuable contents every day.

In this regards, the content is meant to educate, engage and solve the customer challenges. You can definitely post various types of contents such as videos, white papers, articles, ebooks and etc.

You can also try to combine the content marketing strategies and later emphasize one or two that your customers will likely engage with.


Podcast for Insurance Leads

Nowadays, podcasting helps you obtain a quick popularity. In developing a business, podcasting will help control the way you are generating life insurance leads. It is pretty easy to start podcasting, engaging more and helping build either the personal or community connections.

A life insurance agency needs to podcast as it is also an alternative to video content. Podcasting will educate your customers about your insurance products and services.


Listed On Online Business Directories

If you have only a minimal visibility in your local area, you will have a low lead generation. In fact, it is important to amplify your online presence and make your agency discoverable by listing your agency on online business directories.

Don’t forget to utilize and optimize your SEO efforts as well as increase your brand awareness. But…how can you do that?

Start listing our business on Google for Business which is free to access. It allows the local customers to easily find your business and keep in touch with your insurance agency. It is also probable that they will purchase a life insurance from your agency finally. Isn’t this great?


LinkedIn Marketing

The last but not least strategies on how to get life insurance leads is to apply the LinkedIn marketing. In the insurance industry, LinkedIn helps significantly increase the insurance agency popularity. There will be more networking opportunities you can obtain by connecting to people through this platform.

Due to the fact that LinkedIn is a professional platform, creating a business will also increase your credibility.



All in all, our 14 strategies on how to get life insurance leads are mostly applicable and helpful to encourage you to generate lead insurance. Out of the list of strategies we provide, you could choose the most suitable one that fits your agency needs. Just don’t hesitate to take any efforts that seem useful and helpful for the goodness of your insurance agency.

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