3 Methods on How To Cancel Primerica Life Insurance

Many people keep questioning how to cancel Primerica life insurance. Though Primerica is best described as one of the life insurance companies which is based in North America, some certain people with their specific issues would like to cancel their Primerica policies due to some reasons.

In the world of insurance, Primerica offers not only financial services but also insurance and investment. Primerica targets the working-class households in Canada and the United States. Primerica’s insurance marketing promoted “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” to give a middle-class American an opportunity to purchase term life insurance while it also offers the clients to deposit the disparity in the company’s investment in the future including the separate funds.

Primerica is a kind of multi-level marketing company. It is charitable, allowing the commissioned salespeople to use the concept of selling extra services to potential customers. It implies that successfully selling life insurance plans will make money.

Well, we are not going to talk about how a salespeople sell Primerica products and services. We would focus on how to cancel Primerica life insurance through many different ways.



Why Do You Want to Cancel Primerica Life Insurance

There are some reasons that certainly make people wanting to cancel their life insurance. It is very possible that they face some issues resulting in policies cancellation.


Wrong Sales Strategy and Procedures

Running a business on life insurance involves the way you are doing the multilevel marketing. This is the subject of most issues why a life insurance is cancelled. Thus, someone who wants to cancel Primerica life insurance can be caused by the wrong sales strategy and procedures he/she applied.

Primerica life insurance agents are not only encouraged to sales more insurance products and services but also required to develop their sales strategy and procedures. Wrong strategies lead to the life insurance failure either for the clients or for the insurance agents.

The wrong strategy and procedure applied by a life insurance agent maybe because of a lack of experience about life insurance. Unfortunately, most life insurance agents receive negative complaints and ratings.


No Transparency

In fact, there is no transparency on Primerica’s website. It is the major disadvantage of purchasing Primerica life insurance. The only choice to get a quote is contacting an agents. However, compared to its competitors, Primerica insurance comes with the high price which makes the clients complain a lot.

Each year, the premiums of term life insurance policies is priced at $850 until a policy owner reaches the age of 55. However, this premiums price can increase to more than $2,500. As you grow older, the premiums will continue raising. Further, there is no opportunity for you to have a goof value of making money when compared to the other life insurance companies.

As there is no transparencies in policies and prices as well as in agent’s way of working, Primerica life insurance can be effective any longer. This leads to the reason why certain people want to cancel their life insurance policies in Primerica.

Coverage Rejection

Coverage rejection is the most common reason why a person cancel his Primerica life insurance. Truly, when your life insurance application is denied, then there are two possible things you can do. First, you will probably want to re-apply and second, you will have another option to choose another life insurance policies or companies.

Other coverage rejection can also be caused by chronic health that the clients have. That is because a chronic health is a high risk, therefore, Primerica deny the life insurance application. This way, Primerica offers only a term life insurance. They don’t come with any whole or universal life insurance.

In short, when your life insurance application is rejected, you will likely to cancel it.


A Doubt Over Primerica’s Reputation

Have you ever felt doubt about Primerica life insurance reputation? Some people have and some other haven’t. However, if you wonder how reputable Primerica life insurance Company is, you need to date back to the old times.

Primerica is a life insurance company with the high reputation. It is even considered as organization more than just a company running on insurance business. Yes, this organization offers more than 5 million active policies.

Further, this insurance organization is mainly providing the largest financial marketing in North America. Since it is organization as well as a company, it comes with the business strategy that is much the same with a multi-level marketing program. Some insurance agents will be qualified though they were working as independent contractors. As a result, they are able to sell the insurance products and services well due to the business structure they have learned before.

Probably, those who are coming with the chronic health issues or even just new comers, they don’t likely believe that Primerica serves the best for the customers. There is no doubt about it.


High Cost

How much does Primerica life insurance cost? Does it offer a very high cost so that you want to leave? According to the sample quotes made for a 35 year old non-smoking man with the great health, Primerica life insurance policies are typically 11% to 29% more expensive than the of the other life insurance companies. In this regards, all policies provided by this company are generally priced at $500,000 in coverage.


3 Methods on How To Cancel Primerica Life Insurance

Once you know exactly why people want to cancel their Primerica life insurance, now it’s the time to know the short and simple steps on how to cancel Primerica life insurance. In this regards, there are some options to perform the cancellation.

Here is the detailed explanation:


Use Website to Cancel Your Primerica Life Insurance

The first method you can perform to cancel your Primerica life insurance is using the website. This way, the life insurance policy can be easily terminated through the company’s official website and make your own changes to your option.

Here are steps to follow:

  • Head to your browser and continue to primericaonline.com.
  • Search for wen account to click “Login”.
  • Search for “My account” to go through.
  • Find the drop-down menu and select “Service Selection”.
  • Press “Stop” button to end your policy. This means that you stop your subscription online through Primerica’s official website.

These steps will never lead to deactivation of your Primerica Online account. Instead, you are just turned to the free trial plan.


Call Primerica’s Customer Service For Life Insurance Policy Cancellation

Do you believe that terminating subscription on the phone is a speedier process? In fact, many Primerica life insurance subscribers do so. Trust me, you can simply stop subscribing Primerica life insurance by calling at 1-888-737-2255 to call with the Web Client acre agent provided by the company. This method enables you to negotiate with the agent not to continue the policies.

During the call, you may be required to answer any questions about any related information. So, you should provide all account-related information to the customer representative and follow the instruction given.

Once your subscription is stopped, a confirmation email should be sent to your email address. This is to maintain a future track out of the company.


Use “DoNOtPay” App For Primerica Life Insurance Policy Cancelation

The next method you can try on how to cancel Primerica life insurance is simply using the “DoNotPay” app when cancellation on the phone really takes time. This app allows you to avoid being interrogated by the client agent about the reason of cancellation and the procedure of it.

“DoNotPay” app offers an easy way to cancel your Primerica online account only in a few seconds. Well, follow these simple steps on how to use the app for your policy cancellation.

  • Open your “DoNotPay” app you have installed on your phone. If you don’t have it yet, you can easily download it freely from Apple Store.
  • Head to “Find Hidden Money” tab.
  • Type in the name of the policies that you want to cancel the subscription.
  • To successfully cancel the policies with DoNotPay app, ask for confirmation email that the agent should send to your email address.


What Happens When You Cancel Your Primerica Life Insurance

So you are wondering and thinking about what things are going to happen when you complete your Primerica life insurance, no worry too much.

The first fact you get from stopping the policy subscription is no insurance anymore. However, the Primerica life insurance cancellation takes time. Once you stop your subscription, your next POL Billing Date will be affected. The service is still accessible until the end of the month. In this regards, your access to POL will be immediately terminated if your agent agreement has been terminated.


Check The Consumer Reviews and Complaints before Canceling Primerica Life Insurance

Though you have known that Primerica life insurance cancellation is pretty easy, that doesn’t mean that you need to cancel it fast without any hassle. Check the consumer reviews to ensure you decision.

According to AM Best, this company is getting an A++ which means it is superior. The company is able to meet its financial obligations. Primerica is able to pay up to 94% of claims only in 14 days on coverage. The positive reviews stated that Primerica life insurance is doing good in offering its range of financial product including the investment accounts, mutual funds and knowledgeable agents.

However, as the downside, the Primerica life insurance agents were rated poorly as they have only a lack of knowledge and less experience with life insurance.

Now the choice is in your hands whether to cancel your cancellation or stop the payments for cancellation. If you do want to cancel the life insurance, you can refer to the three methods we have explained above. If not, just enjoy the coverage.



Overall, it is just easy to perform on how to cancel Primerica life insurance. As the three methods we have given you were explained in details, you can evaluate and finally choose the most suitable methods that you like for your convenient.

If stopping the subscription can be simply done online by heading to the company’s website, you can definitely do it. If you prefer cancelling by phone, well, you can just call the customer service or representatives. However, Primerica life insurance cancellation seems less convenient on the phone since you must deal with the negotiation with the agent. There must be lots of questions to answer and a number of procedures to follow. So, life insurance policy cancellation will be more efficient through an application called “DoNotPay”. Simply and quickly, you just need to download the app from Apple Store and open it to cancel your policy subscription.

In short, you can use any of the options available to help you cancel your Primerica life insurance any time.

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