How To Cancel A Freedom Life Insurance

Are you wondering how to cancel a freedom life insurance? Why do you want to cancel your policy? Doesn’t the freedom life insurance policy meet your needs? Or, you cannot afford to pay any longer?

Before you make a decision on canceling your freedom life insurance, let’s see deeply the freedom life insurance company and its policies. Perhaps, you may want to cancel your cancellation. Or, you think twice before finally stop paying.

Well, here we explain!


About Freedom Life Insurance Company

Freedom life insurance Company offers a ten-year term life policy that covers your life until you are 70 years old by renewing every time it comes to an end. A term life insurance policy offered by this company starts at $10 per month and can increase up to $50 per month in $5 increments. With these costs, can afford to pay it? If you seems unable to pay the coverage, then you may think of cancel the life insurance you might have bought.

Though Freedom life insurance is good according to the rating, its customer service ratings are not too good.

Due to the fact that Freedom life insurance offers only one plan of term life insurance, Freedom is not probably the best choice to meet your needs. However, it can be the best one if you are searching for the simplest term life plan without any bells and whistles. To get the best deal, don’t forget to compare the term life insurance quotes.


The Coverage Availability

Regardless the number of term life insurance types available in the company, there is only one term plan called LifeProtector. This plan is set in 10-year increments. Fortunately, you can renew the plan until you are 70 years old. Note, there isn’t either add-ons or riders provided by the company. Does this encourage you to find the way on how to cancel a freedom life insurance?

However, just because the Freedom life insurance company doesn’t offer any extra coverage doesn’t mean that there is not a single coverage at all. In fact, USHEALTH group at which the Freedom life insurance is in offers a wide variety of dental, medical and vision coverage.


How Much A Freedom Term Life Insurance Costs

A term life insurance offered in Freedom typically rates from as little as $10 to as much as $50 per month along with the $5 increments. Based on the information derived from a comparison chart, the average monthly of freedom term life insurance costs $100,000 through Transmerica for a 10 year policy.

To see a clear costs, you can definitely compare the quotes you see on other insurance companies to Freedom insurance. In this regards, you’ll be unable to find the exact information since there is no information available online. So, you’ll never know the price point.


Where To Purchase Life Insurance

If you want to purchase a life insurance policy, make sure that you re living in one of the 50 states at which the life insurance available. This mean that you won’t be eligible for term life insurance socially if you are living in Connecticut, Massachusets, and Hawaii as well as New Hamsphire, Rodhe islands, New York, Vermont and Puerto Rico.


Freedom Life Insurance Discounts

Actually, it is too soon to decide on cancelling Freedom life insurance regarding the beneficial discounts offered by the company. Yes, there are truly some discounts available including the safety discount and profession discount if you want to keep purchasing or renewing the coverage.


Safety Discount

Safety discount is available and granted to those who are able to take care of their body well so can live healthily. Further, this type of discount will also be rewarded for people with safe lifestyle. With this discount, the company will cut a certain percentage of your premiums. As a result, you won’t pay as much as you usually do each month.


Profession Discount

If you have a specific profession with only a little risk to pass away soon, you are considered eligible to receive a discount called profession discount. So how will you get the most affordable rate along with the discount?

Go to your Freedom life insurance’s customer service and get explanation.


Other Benefits of Purchasing or Renewing Freedom Life Insurance

Instead of cancelling the Freedom life insurance, you had better look at some other benefits that might be very advantageous to your life. Those are related with what the company offers including the customer support, easy purchasing and claims handling as well as a clear pros and cons for your evaluation.

So here are the other benefits of staying with Freedom life insurance:


Customer Support

Freedom life insurance’s customer support is always ready to help you with anything you want to know and any issues you might have related to life insurance coverage.

To provide you with the best service, the customer support is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on workdays by phone. (Freedom Life Insurance phone number) It will also be available on the weekdays on 8 p.m. to 1 p.m. This way, you can directly dial to 800-387-9027 to get help. Makes sure that you call at this time since the staff will be respond directly and proactively to what you need.

Fortunately, the customer support also allows you to reach them out online by filling the form available on their website or sending an email to [email protected] . The customer support of Freedom life insurance Company will also like to respond the customers on the major review websites. Thus, you can visit and use the sites as a platform for questioning.

The company also offers trustable resources to give out any essential information in terms of coverage calculator, FAQ sections and knowledge hub.

All in all, in terms of serving quality to the customers, the customer support is likely to be nothing special due the fact that customer representatives are not always professional. You can even mislead some information.


Easy Purchasing and Claims Handling

Why do you need the tips on how to cancel a freedom life insurance if the benefits you’ll gain in staying with the insurance is great enough? Yes, Freedom life insurance offers an easy purchasing and claims handling. This means that purchasing a freedom life insurance policies in Freedom is pretty easy. It takes only a few minutes to process.

All you need to do is just to fill out a short quote form that has been available in the insurance company’s website. Fill out also some additional information and review your policy document. Don’t forget to proceed with the payment as the last step in purchasing life insurance.

The claims are also easy to handle. You can simply fill it both by calling their customer representatives and logging into the customer’s portal on the website and fill out the claim form provided by the Freedom life insurance Company.


Pros and Cons of Freedom Life Insurance

One more thing to consider whether to purchase the life insurance or just cancel the policies. The pros of why people take Freedom life insurance into account are the facts that the policies offers unique features, the coverage is for 60+ years and the affiliated with the USHEALTH group brand name.

On the other hand, the cons will include the way you reduce the coverage for policyholders that are more than 65 years old or above. Further, there is no options available for a long term or permanent and inadequate number of customer service. In addition, there is also low coverage amounts for disability.


How To Cancel Freedom Life Insurance Policy

Fortunately, it is very simple and easy on how to cancel a freedom life insurance. Believe it or not, you need only to stop paying and there will be no any forms to fill out such as cancellation fees.

If you tend to cancel, you can simply cancel utilizing the contact of customer service that is accessible on Monday to Saturday through the phone call at 800-387-9027. Optionally, contacting the customer service through email or website is also possible.

Now that you know how to cancel a freedom life insurance, will you it right now? Before making decision on it, perhaps you need to read our section of Freedom life insurance customer’s satisfaction and financial ratings.


Freedom Customer’s satisfaction and Financial Ratings on Life Insurance

Believe it or not, Freedom life insurance in the “Just Fine” position based on the specific ratings for the company below:

  • Freedom life insurance comes with the 0.83 ratio which is much better than the national standard complaint index of 1.0.
  • Freedom life insurance gains A for AM Best rating score. This is considered good though not as great as some other bigger life insurance companies.
  • Based on the Better Business Bureau, this Freedom life insurance is rated by USHEALTH Group in A++. However, the insurance is not accredited with BBB.

In addition to the customer’s satisfaction and financial ratings, there are many pros and cons that indicates why people want to keep renewing the policies and why other want to cancel it.

In this regards, the pros includes the simple policy options at which the coverage is available for you to renew until you are 70 years old. Or, you may want to perform cancellation, well, it is just a piece of cake.

On the other hands, the cons include the only one option provided by Freedom life insurance without any add-ons. Further, this one is only available in 50 states. So, if you are living outside the 50 countries, you’ll need to look for other option elsewhere.

If you finally decide not to cancel the Freedom life insurance, you can shop around to find the term life insurance coverage at the most affordable price. Don’t forget to compare quotes to see who has make the best deal.


Freedom Life Insurance Cancellation According to Crunchbase

It is sometimes much of advantage to search for information from the other parts of the world. This way, according to Crunchbase, Freedom life insurance Company is a life insurance subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. This insurance company offers not only accident but also health, credit and annuity products that are much related to life insurance policies.

Crunchbase say, it is very simple and easy to cancel Freedom’s life insurance policy. Well, just stop paying the monthly premiums you have had purchased. Perhaps, you don’t want to continue the insurance or you might want to switch to the other coverage, well just don’t hesitate to stop paying as one of the recommended ways on how to cancel a freedom life insurance.



All in all, there are more to consider just before you decide on how to cancel a freedom life insurance. However, if you strongly want to purchase a freedom life insurance, you can do it pretty easily.

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