Foresters Life Insurance Reviews: A Trustworthy Company for Life Insurance Needs

Welcome to our Foresters life insurance reviews today where you will be lucky to have a deep understanding about life insurance! Forester life insurance is a great option for any life insurance policies offering a handful of living advantages.

The common benefits that most people are getting from purchasing Foresters life insurance is the three accelerated benefit riders on most policies without a cost as well as the automatic member benefits. This company not only offers the dividend-paying whole life policies but also prioritizes the charitable gift. However, there are more complaints reported than the people might think.

On this reviews, you will be explained the pros and cons of optioning for Foresters life insurance, complaint index, the third-party ratings, the policies provided by the company, the customer service and the method used to review the life insurance carriers.

Now let’s go through the sections discussing each of what we are going to explain below:


Pros Of Optioning Foresters Life Insurance

There are some reasons why people prefer Forester life insurance to the others. First, Foresters life insurance has unique member benefits for customers. Specifically, purchasing a life insurance from this company will let you to automatically access the member benefits and join its fraternal organization. The member benefits usually include retail discount, financial counseling, academic scholarships, legal services and grants.

Second, Foresters offers dividends-paying whole life insurance in which the policies are eligible to derive annual dividends. Greatly, the company paid $24 million in dividends to the eligible whole life policyholders in 2021.

The third reason why people prefer purchasing Foresters life insurance is its living benefits. This way, the company has a wide variety of no-cost life insurance riders such as the living benefit riders for terminal, chronic and critical illness and family health benefit rider as well as a charity benefit provision. Besides, Foresters life insurance also comes with the common carries accidental death benefit rider.

Next, which is considered the last but not least reason why people purchase a life insurance in Foresters is the fact that they offer no-medical exam. In particular, Foresters offers up to $1 million in no-medical exam life insurance coverage to a number of healthy applicants up to the age 55 on most of the products.


Cons of Optioning Foresters Life Insurance

Based on our Foresters life insurance reviews, there are only two downsides of purchasing life insurance from this company. First, there is no online quote offered for any of its life insurance products, if you would like to check a price estimate, just contact directly the company or an independent agent.

Second, Foresters receives more complaints than expected. Based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Foresters got more complaints more than expected for its size in the past three years.


Complaint Index

Complaint index shows the number of complaints that a company receives dealing with the way it satisfies the customers. Now before you make a decision to purchase life insurance from Foresters, it is considered crucial to whether the company has a relatively high or low number of complaints. A high number of complaints that a company has indicates that the company may have troubles in some aspects based on the customer’s experience including the policy cancellations, delayed claims and unsatisfactory claim payouts.

To measure Forester’s complaints, we use NAIC Complaint Index. This index will show how many complaints that a company has received related to its size. If the company complaint index is greater than 1.0, that means that the company receives more complaint than expected. On the other hand, if the index is lower than 1.0, it means that the company receives fewer complaint than expected.

This time, we consider seeing the Foresters complaint indexes using a three-year period. Based on the data we derived, this company has an average complaint score 1.71, meaning that it has a relatively more complaints than expected for its size. In comparison, other life insurance companies have relatively a low number of complaints since their indexes are below 1.0.


Third-Party Ratings

Knowing the third-party ratings of a company is also much considerable. That’s aimed to know the company’s capability in managing the things it should manage dealing the life insurance.

Based on our Foresters life insurance reviews, it is knows that the company has an “A” financial strength rating rom credit ratings agency AM Best. An “A” rating shows that the company is trustable to pay its insurance obligations including the claims.

Some factors contributing to AM Best’s letter grades include the balance sheet strength, total debt and operating performance.


The Availability of Policies Provided By Foresters

Foresters’ life insurance comes with accelerated underwriting on its policies. This means, you may skip the medical exam. However, if you want to purchase a life insurance in this company, you are recommended to contact an agent directly.

So what are the policies provided by Foresters life insurance?

Foresters Life Insurance Reviews


Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the life insurance policies provided by Foresters. This is a type of life insurance that covers over a fixed period of time. Foresters term life insurance is available for 10 to 30 years.

Foresters term life insurance also offers the guaranteed death benefit that allows you to get paid out to your beneficiaries if you die during the term. The term life insurance policies by Forsters are renewable and convertible, meaning that you can opt to convert your term coverage to a permanent policy or renew an annual basis after the term expires. This option doesn’t require you to provide a medical exam.


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is one of the permanent life insurance that comes with a lifetime coverage. It offers premium level, a guaranteed death benefit and a cash value component. This way, you are allows to opt for not only borrowing but also withdrawing your cash value from the policy to use for purposes.

Further, Foresters whole life insurance policies are available for those with the qualification to receive dividends. This will help your cash value grow fast.


Universal Life Insurance

One more policy available in Foresters is the universal life insurance. It is another form of permanent coverage that offers also a lifetime protection for your families. Universal Life (UL) insurance’s cash flow grows based on the recent interest rates. You can either borrow or withdraw that cash value.

UL insurance policies enable you to adjust the cost of your premium using a certain range. The policies usually include a 10-year no-lapse guarantee, meaning that the policy will keep in-force if you pay a monthly minimum premium though the current interest rates are less than expected.


The Availability of Riders

Based on our Foresters life insurance reviews, Foresters is considered as a good provider that everyone can take into account especially for those who are looking for a life insurance company with an excellent rider.

In this regards, Foresters offer more than 10 life insurance riders. Many of these riders come with free of charge within the policy.

Here are the available riders provided by Foresters life insurance:


Guaranteed Insurability Rider

The guaranteed insurability rider lets you increase the death benefit without the need to provide medical exam. This way, Foresters enables you to arise the death benefit up to $50,000 on each option date.


Child Term Rider

The second rider is the child term rider that comes with a small amount of life insurance coverage for each of your qualified children. As the children grow up, they are given option to convert their life insurance into a permanent life insurance policy no matter how their health conditions are.


Waiver of Premium Rider

A waiver of premium rider will temporarily ignore your monthly life insurance premium if you are unable to work for a minimum of six months.


Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Accidental death benefit rider is another type of life insurance raider available in Foresters. With this rider, you will be able to receive a secondary death benefit if you die as the result of a qualifying accident.


Terminal Illness Rider

A terminal illness rider is a type of accelerated benefit rider (ABR) that offers a portion of death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This type of rider is available at no cost along with many of Foresters life insurance policies.


Chronic Illness Rider

What about you are suffering from chronic illness. No worry! There is chronic illness rider provided by Foresters life insurance to enable you to us the money from your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a seemingly chronic illness. This rider is provided at no cost on many of the Foresters life insurance policies.


Critical Illness Rider

As there are many range of riders offered by Foresters, critical illness rider is just one of them. The critical illness in this regards include cancer. Similar to the terminal and chronic illness rider, this one is designed along with the large number of Foresters’ life insurance policies.


Charity Benefit Provision Rider

Another Foresters’ rider we include in our Foresters life insurance reviews is the charity benefit provision rider. In this case, Foresters will donate an extra 1% of your policy’s face value to a qualified charity you have chosen if you pass away and your beneficiaries collect your death benefit.


Foresters offer this paid-up additions rider on its participating whole life insurance policies to let you to purchase a life insurance paid-additions. In this rider, the life insurance coverage is fully paid. This rider allows you to arise not only the death benefit but also the cash value. Luckily, you don’t have to apply for more coverage. Further, this paid-up additions rider can be purchased using dividends.


Family Health Benefit Rider

If you are looking for a compensation for certain health expenses such as ambulance ride, family health benefit rider is a probably the right rider option to consider. This rider also provides coverage when someone in your families get accidents due to a natural disaster. Note, this rider is included automatically in most of the policies.


Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider

On more Foresters’ rider is called a common carrier accidental death rider that provides an extra death benefit if you pass away due to the accident occurs while you are riding as a fare-paying passenger on a bus, train or plane. This is also automatically added to the most policies.



Have you gotten an understanding about the life insurance after fully reading our Foresters life insurance reviews? In the world of life insurance, Foresters life insurance has become one of the most favorable life insurance company you can take into consideration. This way, purchasing life insurance from this company is regarded as the best option of Life Insurance Company to go.

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