Does Covid Vaccine Void Life Insurance? Here’s The Answer!

People should take life insurance if they want to financially protect their families if one of them dies sooner than expected. In these recent years, especially after the pandemic years, there is an assumption that people who have had Covid-19 vaccination will cancel their life insurance. But this is not the problem we are going to take into a deeper discussion.

Does covid vaccine void life insurance? This is the question that we would like to discuss the answers. So, this article covers when life insurance will pay out regarding the covid-19 vaccine and other related information ensuring whether the covid-19 vaccination may impact their life insurance.

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Will Your Life Insurance Be Paid Out If You Have Had Covid-19 Vaccination?

Vaccination program has been successful and people are able to come back into normal life. This way, vaccination is considered the best way to manage to an end of the pandemic. In this regards, a number of big bosses of the insurance companies were getting involved in the campaign expressing their own messages to support people’s covid-19 vaccination.

They stated, “ Life insurance is about protecting people at a time when they need us most, and this initiative is our industry’s small way of supporting the national vaccine program by encouraging Australians to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

According to Damien Mu, the CEO and Managing Director of AIA Australia and New Zealand, the customer’s health and wellbeing is the primary concern they put toward. So why should they remove the life insurance for people who had been vaccinated?

Rodney Cook, the CEO of MLC Life Insurance stated that customers began to question whether the vaccinations could have an impact on their policy. Accordingly, they feel it is important to give a clear explanation and keep encouraging people for getting vaccinated.

In response to people’s question about the impact of covid-19 vaccination on the life insurance, Justin Delaney, the CEO of Zurich Australian and New Zealand, declares that life insurance is still accessible. So, the covid-19 vaccinated people may not get the impact.


False Rumors on Social Media

Does covid vaccine void life insurance? This question is also one of the false rumors on social media. According to the Financial Services Council (FSC), there were rumors that circulate on social media stating that covid-19 vaccine was an experimental medical treatment and getting a jab was just about a self-inflicted injury. This case will lead to the cancellation of people’s life insurance.

Sally Loane, the FSC CEO, said they were just the false rumors.

Obviously, the covid-19 vaccination is not an experimental treatment and receiving an approved treatment in terms of vaccination from a qualified medical professional at an approved medical facility is not a self-inflicted injury.

Looking back to the main objective of life insurance, providing peace of mind for people and their families is the main reason of life insurance policies. The FSC calmed the Australians that their life insurance will completely unaffected even when they already got vaccinated.


Incentive On Life Insurance Premium If You Are Vaccinated

There was a discussion of life insurance incentives by some companies. That is due to the fact that a vast majority of people have already been vaccinated. In this regards, the FSC spokesperson told that there would be a little incentive provided for people to get vaccinated.

Based on the reports by Australian Government Operation Covid Shield, 95% or people over the age of 16 have received one dose of vaccine and 92.6% are considered completely vaccinated right now.


Can You Get Life Insurance If You Have Suffered from Covid-19?

Can you get life insurance if you have suffered from covid-19? Or, Does covid vaccine void life insurance?

Well, your life insurance may cover your being sick of covid-19 as you meet the policy’s overall requirements. To ensure, you should answer honestly any questions about health and lifestyles asked by your future provider as it is a part of their assessment process.

For example, AHM’s site states that the procedures for new customers are just similar to those for existing customers. According to the site, your life insurance will not cover your being sick of Covid-19 unless you are fully recovering and are in a good health then.

If you have something to concern about your own life insurance and Covid-19, contact your provider and check the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market determinations. It is also good to check the level of cover you have in your life insurance and whether you have something to change.


Is There An Impact on Life Insurance When You Are Reacted to Covid-19 Vaccine?

Now we have known the facts about Covid-19 vaccination will not give an impact to life insurance. Life insurance is still accessible no matter you are suffering from covid-19. However, it is also stated that life insurance will not cover you being sick of the viruses unless you fully recover.

Now a question is whether there is any impact on life insurance when you are badly reacted to Covid-19 vaccine? Vaccination program is successful, however, people keep anticipating and wondering whether your insurance will pay out if you suffer bad reactions from the mild flu symptoms and sore arms to the harmful blood clots.

The more dramatic side-effects doesn’t come but if you have a bad reaction and are unlucky, you must question whether your life insurance will pay out. Well, it isn’t easy to answer. This case depends on the terms and condition of your life insurance policy as the providers usually base their approach on individual condition. This way, everyone is different from each other.

There is no insurer coming out to say they will not cover the case. So, it comes down to the agreements you have made with the provider and the guidelines of the insurance company. Based on the consumer group, none of the leading insurers say that having been vaccinated will have an impact on people’s life insurance coverage.


Qualifications for Life Insurance for People with Coronavirus Infection

People keeps wondering whether they are qualified for life insurance if they were infected by the coronavirus. Regardless the public fears about the pandemic impact on insurance, life insurance companies still offer cooperating policies during the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, will they consider accepting you if you are infected by the virus?

The answer is yes. Having the virus on your body is not the end of life. Go through it and get recovered. This problem is not enough to affect your risk not to get life insurance. If you have successfully passed 30 days and self-isolated but you still have the symptoms and been in contact with someone who is tested positive, your life insurance application is paused.

However, you can reapply for your life insurance if you have fully recovered. This takes 3 months approximately. In the process of applying for life insurance, there will usually be some questions asked to you about the coronavirus. As we have told, it would be better to answer honestly to help the provider makes assessment.


Will Your Life Insurance Pay Out If You Die From Covid-19?

Does covid vaccine void life insurance? This question is also related to another question, whether your life insurance pay out if you die from covid-19. In this case, the insurers keeps their positive attitude to the public when it comes to coronavirus-payout.

Based on the Association of British Insurers, there has been around £202m paid out in 2020 families who lost their families to Covid. That was £553,000 a day.

In most cases, payments are made if you have an existing life insurance policy and die from covid-19.  However, there are always some exceptions. Further, some specialist policies may have different point of view. Therefore, it would be a worth to have consultation with your insurer to confirm what aspects are covered by the provider.

In this regards, most insurers released their statements to confirm their intention to pay out the insurance. Aviva, for example, will pay the insurance to people who are claimed to die from covid-19.


Can You Claim on Critical Illness Cover for Covid-19 Hospitalization?

Based on most insurers, covid-19 is not regarded as a critical illness. However, if complications develop as a result of coronavirus and they lead to a critical health issues like heart failure, you can make the claim. In short, all claims will be regarded based on individual conditions and situations.

This way, there are also other policies covering hospitalization along with an intensive care. So, if a Covid hospitalization leads to ICU, the person’s life insurance may be covered.

In other case, critical illness coverage may not be available for some people. Income protection insurance could be helpful to meet the costs and mitigate loss of earnings if you cannot work because of your incapacity.

Considering that many people could quickly recover from covid-19, this claim won’t be available. However, if someone is suffering from covid-19 for a long period of time, the claim will be applied.


Be Aware Of Covid-19 Insurance Scams

Crisis, including coronavirus case, often leads scammers to take the benefits though it is considered unacceptable. As issues are arising during the pandemic years, scammers have been able to dominate the widespread hesitation.

The recent Fraud Report from Insurer Aviva shows that suspicious emails, phone calls and texts related to health insurance have risen up to 16% during the outbreak. On the other hand, the life insurances scams are 10% arising.

An approach includes a cold call informing customers that it is time to review their policy. This way, they will come with the lower premiums but give people worthless policy due to the limited cover.

If the insurers do not offer a policy review, scammers keep calling people and offering them a Covid life insurance as the existing life insurance doesn’t cover them.

For this reason, the insurers along with the Financial Conduct Authority suggest that people not accept the offer of product or service through an unexpected phone call, text messages or email. Never give your personal details to someone you don’t even know before. If there is any of you who want to review the insurance policy, talk to your own insurance provider or do some research of your own on the market. If something seems too good to be true, that it probably is.



Does covid vaccine void life insurance? The answer is no. However, all the things related to the paused life insurance due to certain case of covid-19 are based on the individual circumstances. Some illness leading to die (though it might be as the effect of covid-19 infection) are covered. But during the time you are suffering from coronavirus will not be covered unless you are fully recovering.

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