Can You Get Life Insurance On A Dog? – What You Need to Know

Can you get life insurance on a dog? In this millennial era, life insurance is not only provided for humans but also for pets like dogs and cats. A dog life insurance policy includes pet life insurance but it is different from human life insurance and also not applied to all kinds of pets.

It sounds not worth having this kind of life insurance. Moreover, the death of the dog will not affect a human’s financial future. But, why do some insurers offer it to people, and how does it work?



What is Dog Life Insurance?

Dog life insurance is a good life policy product offered to all dog owners. But, some it is more intended for the dogs based on the valuable show, breeding dogs, or service. The insurers, usually, offer dog life insurance with high premium rates.

Nonetheless, there are some strict limitations to the types of mortality covered. The life insurance for the dogs is seemly intended for current dogs as it is determined by assessed value or dog’s purchase or replacement.

But, some insurers remain to offer this product for all pet owners as your family pet. So, the question of can you get life insurance for a dog gets the answer yes. It returns to your consideration of how valuable your dog is for your life and family.


Dog Life Insurance Limitation

What is Dog Life Insurance


Can You Get Life Insurance On A Dog? Talk about the dog life insurance limitation, it just covered the dog’s death as a sudden illness or accident. This case makes the applicants face some major policy exclusions including:

  • Pre-existing conditions – dog life insurer commonly asks for a health evaluation as a policy application requirement. You can get it from your veterinarian and the result should state your dog does not suffer a serious condition. If your dog is vice versa, you may not qualify for coverage.
  • Hereditary conditions- Most dog insurance policies do not cover the death the results of serious illness and health conditions. Meanwhile, most purebred dogs are prone to get serious health issues.
  • Age- equal to human life insurance, the dog life policy also requires age to qualify for coverage. However, the insurer limits coverage for dogs with older age-related illnesses.


Dog’s Burial Expense Cost

It turns out pet burial expenses are not cheap when the pet owners truly regard their dogs as their family members. Most often can amuse the pet owner, help with some jobs, and earn money. Therefore, many of them want to memorialize their dog’s departure better than humans.

A pet death consists of some ranges costs but not all pet owners have known it. They may spend $50- $300 for the euthanasia costs and individual cremation costs are between $150 and $250. Further, the costs of $50 to $400 are for the dog’s ashes urn, a pet casket needs costs $100 to $500, and a pet cemetery burial plot costs $400 to $600.


How Does Dog Life Insurance Work?

The dog life insurance works to replace your dog’s veterinarian treatment when he or she is getting injured or falls ill. Additionally, it is used for reimbursing the value of the dog and covers the cost of pet funeral services. The insurance policy for the dog’s mortality and theft insurance also provides a replacement for future income.


Is Dog Life Insurance Good For You?

Is Dog Life Insurance Good For You


After getting an answer about can you get life insurance on a dog, now, it emerges new question. Is dog life insurance good or worthy for you truthfully it answer has been available above? However, the detailed explanation below adds and eases your comprehension.


Very Expensive Cost

The dog life insurance policy is regarded as extremely expensive when the coverage received and premium costs are not balanced. It typically occurs to people with the dog as a home pet, not like a rare breeding dog or a show or service dog. Paying a higher premium than the death benefit sounds in vain.

Meanwhile, the dog life insurance for valuable dogs will get a balance cost if the pet dies as a covered reason. Even though, between dog and the owner often have strong emotional bonding so they will not think about the costs including joining the pet life insurance. If they feel objection to the life insurance cost, they can join pet or dog health insurance with lower premium cost.

Dog life insurance has an average premium cost of $$250-900 a year and it can spend $90,000 for a 10-year premium installment. Luckily, the cost of a dog’s life insurance premium is affected by the dog’s breed, age, location, deductible amount, and level of benefit.


Cannot Be a Worthwhile Investment

Different from human life insurance, a dog’s life insurance cannot be a worthwhile investment. Moreover, it is given cost unless the dogs are very valuable or already have traditional pet health insurance. Meanwhile, human life insurance can be a worthwhile investment both for the applicants and the beneficiaries.

Nonetheless, it does not matter to purchase the life insurance for the dog with economic value. It is as everyone has different risk comfort and as long as they are willing and able to pay the premium cost.


Right Dog Life Insurance

People occasionally love until regarding the dog or cats such as their children or family members. It often makes them willing to give anything to support their needs. But, it is not good if they should destroy their financial plan only for expensive emergency care.

It implies that pet owners must find the right life insurance policy for their dogs. The reference of can you get life insurance on a dog recommends looking for the right policy based on the dog’s needs.

Choose the right life insurance policy with guaranteed benefits to ensure your dog lives long and happy. The meaning is that life insurance can ensure the dog never has to go without critical medical treatments due to cost. By the way, the following points should be considered to get the right dog life insurance:

  • Decide the type of pet policy you need based on accident or illness, wellness, or exotic pet insurance.
  • Know what insurers offer and do not offer under the policy.
  • Choose deductible according to an annual or pre-existing condition.
  • Choose reimbursement rates.
  • Understand available limitations.
  • Ensure you can customize your premiums.
  • Check for discounts.


5 Best Pet Life Insurance Companies To Purchase In 2022

A lot of pet life insurance companies offer dog life policies for pet owners. Some options below can be one of the best choices for you and your beloved dogs.

Can You Get Life Insurance On A Dog


Healthy  Paws

Healthy Paws Company is the pet left insurance policy with no limit and provides coverage for alternative care. In detail, the insurer offers a single pet insurance plan to cover illnesses and accidents with no payment limit and annual deductible. You can get a lower premium rate if you deductible or lower your reimbursement level.

Unluckily, it does not provide coverage and no multiple-pet discount but it donates $25 to help homeless pets. The healthy Paws plan does not cover wellness expenses, vet exams, and treatment for behavioral issues. Although it does not give a multiple-pet discount, it has a Refer-a-Friend program to complete the application process.



Can you get life insurance on a dog today present Trupanion as of the next pet life insurance company?  It offers direct payment of veterinarian expenses and Trupanion will pay the vet’s office without the need to file a claim. Trupanion offers more plan options such as a Recovery and Care Rider and a Pet Owner Assistance Package.

You can also purchase the Pet Owner Assistance package to pay for a lost pet and fees for your hospitalization due to your pet. Besides that, it is useful for liability coverage if your pet damages someone else’s property. Equal to Healthy Paws, Trupanion offers a refer-a-friend program with $25 for each friend referred, up to a limit of $100 a year.


Pets Best

Pets Best provides pet life insurance plans for cats and dogs with accident and illness coverage. There are three levels offered with no age restrictions and enrollment includes Essential, Plus, and Elite. You can add benefits to cover exam fees for accidents, illnesses, and rehab.

Pet Best is the highest-rated company to offer coverage for routine and preventative care. You can purchase Pet Best Plans with a shorter than average waiting period of three days for accidents.


Embrace Pet Insurance

Next, can you get life insurance on a dog presents Embrace Pet Insurance Company with two pet insurance policies? Embrace Pet Insurance offers the first plan to cover accidents and the second will cover accidents and illnesses. There is no lifetime coverage limit but the plans have annual coverage limits.


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

This pet life insurance offers plans for accident-only coverage for cats and dogs besides the accident and illness coverage. It will cover some pre-existing conditions after 180 days of being symptom-free.  However, the claim process can take up to 30 days.

You can also look for the reviews of other pet life insurance companies such as Nationwide, Figo, PetFirst Pet Insurance, or Fetch by The Dodo (formerly Petplan). They have good ratings and trust from the customers.


How To Purchase Dog Life Insurance Plan

Follow these steps to choose the right insurer to purchase a dog’s life insurance.


Review and Select

Firstly, you should review the pet insurance companies before selecting one of them. Find out several insurers and policy types available. You should get information on what is and is not covered, deductible options, reimbursement rates, and any coverage limits.


Get Quotes

Secondly, you have to get quotes both online and via phone. Can you get life insurance on a dog also need to provide your pet’s name, breed, and age? The insurer may need some information about their dog’s general health and any pre-existing conditions.


Select A Plan

After choosing a company and getting a quote you’ll likely choose a plan. Choose the pet life insurance for your dog with a deductible level, payout limits, and reimbursement rate.


Give Pet Medical Records

Lastly, you have to give your pet’s medical record to your veterinarian and send it to your insurer. You can get it by visiting the vet but it typically asks for scheduling or makes an appointment in advance.


Final Words

Purchasing a pet life insurance plan for dogs or other pets sounds weird but many people start to consider this case. The dog’s life insurance is different from human life insurance as it cannot be invested and sometimes sounds not worthy. However, the decision depends on the pet owner both with valuable and economic dogs.

If you want to buy dog life insurance, you should consider some cases. Such as the coverage cost, premium payment, requirements, how to choose the right companies, how to buy the pet insurance, and many more. Can you get life insurance on a dog today already have given detailed information to consider?

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