Can You Get A Life Insurance On Anyone? Understand The Reasons And How To Get It

There are many ways to show your love to your partner, family, and others. One of them is by guaranteeing their future through a life insurance coverage plan as inheritance after you pass away. Buy, can you get life insurance on anyone?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a life insurance policy for someone if there is no blood relationship or certain interests. The insurer asks for their sign to approve the policy and you must ensure their death can impact your financial condition. Is it enough to qualify the life insurance purchasing for someone, let’s know better!



Understanding Life Insurance Parties Involved

A life insurance plan is a tool to protect beloved people like spouses, children, and grandchildren from a financial problems after you die. The coverage or death benefit will save their life as it has a lot of functions. The beneficiaries or mentioned beloved people on the policy contract may use it to pay your funeral expenses, debt, home rental, income replacement, and many else.

Purchasing life insurance for someone else needs a few differences on the application such as his or her approval. Additionally, the life insurance plan involves at least three parties to understand.



The policyholder is called applicant and insured but the term will be different when you do not buy the policy for yourself. The most important thing is it is the owner of the policy and he or she must pay the premium. It is also the party with the right to make changes authorized.



Insured or a policyholder is typically a person or the first party in the life insurance contract. They pay a premium to earn the death benefit for mentioned beneficiaries or retirement. Even though, the insured can be different from the policyholder in the current situation.

Can you get life insurance on anyone? Yes, you can but you should choose your insured party. Both are different if the insured just become an object not the shopper of the life insurance. Later on, they will not pay the premium because they are not the policyholder but they have to sign the contract as approval.

The premium cost should be payout by the policyholder until the insured dies during the policy period. Afterward, the insurer does not have reasons to not pay the insured’s death benefit to the policyholder.



Beneficiaries are the mentioned party in the life policy contract to receive the death benefits. They are typically the family members such as spouses, kids, and or grandchildren. However, the beneficiaries are the policyholders as they pay for the premium until the insured die.

Further, the policyholder can use the death benefit to pay the insured funeral expenses and others. Nonetheless, the insured may continue to pay the premium if the policyholder dies at a time and it has been written on the contract. In addition, beneficiaries can be estates, trusts, or organizations.


Who Will Be Your Insured?

You can take out someone’s life insurance policy if you have a current relationship. Their death may affect your financial condition if you do not purchase them the life insurance plan. Can you get life insurance on anyone and who are they?

The policyholder may take out the life insurance for someone such as:

  • Spouses or life partners
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Adult children
  • Business partner
  • Grandparents
  • A former spouse or life partner
  • Parents
  • Minor child under the age of 18

You have to demonstrate that your insured party’s earning potential impacts your life. Ensure your insured has a reliable income and remember that you will need their permission to purchase the life insurance policy.


When To Purchase Life Insurance For Someone

Some circumstances force the policyholder to buy a life insurance plan for someone as a smart financial solution. There are three reasons or situations you need to buy it for your loved ones such as below:


It Protects Family Members Financially

A life insurance policy can replace a lost income when one of the parents passes away. This case is so important to consider if they are raising children together and have significant assets.

When you buy a life insurance policy for your parents, you can use the death benefit to cover their burial cost. Alongside that, you as the policyholder and beneficiary may take it to pay off debts left behind or any estate taxes.


Ensure Business Continuity

The next reason to purchase a life insurance plan for someone is to ensure business continuity. It turns out the death of key employees or business partners can endanger a firm’s operation.

The death benefit of the insured cannot replace the individual’s skills and knowledge, indeed. But, it can cover critical costs or recruit a replacement. So, the business can remain viable.


Guaranteed Future Coverage

Can you get life insurance on anyone and when to purchase it? The last reason to buy a life insurance plan for beloved people is to guarantee their future coverage. By the way, this case is related to the family medical histories.

Some families may get of genetic circumstances and chronic illnesses so they cannot qualify to buy the life insurance. Therefore, the policyholder chooses to buy it for their young adult or children.

Enrolling them when they are still young and healthy can guarantees coverage for their entire lifespan. Even, the guarantee remains to continue though they are diagnosed with a health condition in the future.


4 Steps To Get A Life Insurance On Anyone

Before deciding to take one life insurance policy for someone, you have to know how to choose the best life insurance. Firstly, what kind of coverage is necessary for your insured and seek multiple quotes.

Secondly, get quotes from several different life insurance companies. It assists to find the policy type, terms, and premium based on your insured or policyholder’s need.

Truthfully, each life insurance company has a different underwriting process. But you may follow a few common steps if you want to purchase life insurance for someone else.


Select Life Insurance Policy Type

Life insurance policy has more than one type and each company typically offers term and permanent life insurance. You have to understand both policies before deciding to purchase one of them.

A term life policy is a tool to guarantee a beneficiary’s financial future temporarily with cheaper premiums and coverage costs. You may purchase it and take a short period such as 10, 20, or 30 years based on your necessity.

Otherwise, you can take permanent life insurance like whole life or universal life with higher premium rates. Although it is more expensive, it stays in effect as long as the policyholder pays the premium. Additionally, the permanent life results in a cash value amount to borrow or withdraw money. Is it Possible To Get A Life Insurance On Anyone?


Get Quotes

The next step is by getting a lot of quotes from several companies via website or phone by calling the customer service. No matter what kind of life insurance coverage to purchase, shopping many quotes is useful to find the best price and terms. This case is also useful to compare the price from one carrier to another.


Get Permission

It is extremely essential to get permission from the insured when you want to buy him or her life insurance. Once it’s time to apply for coverage, the insured should permit by signing a consent form. Alongside that, he or she likely undergoes a medical exam before the policy is approved.

If the life insurance policy does not require a medical exam, the policyholder must get the insured’s permission. Failing to obtain signed consent from your insured may be regarded as insurance fraud.


Ensure You Have An Insurable Interest

Lastly, can you get life insurance on anyone without an insurable interest? You have to prove to the insurer if you have an insurable interest. It is an insurable interest in someone’s death and their death will make you suffer a financial loss.

You cannot buy a life insurance plan for someone if you do not have an insurable interest in them. Luckily, most family relationships are easy to prove by checking the insured interviewing and medical or private history. You may add some proof of insurable interest such as business partnerships, life partnerships, and non-legally binding relationships.

You may include health care documents, business contracts, life partnerships, or other documentation. Those can prove the relationship and insurable interest between you and your insured person.


Why Do You Not Buy Life Insurance For Yourself?

Why do you choose to buy a life insurance plan for other people not for you? The answer is truthfully revealed indirectly prior. Even though, someone has the current reason to not qualify to get the life insurance.

Below are three common reasons to buy a life insurance policy for someone:


Cost Concern

Most American people cannot purchase a life insurance policy for themselves but they can do it for other people. Usually, they choose to buy term life insurance with the cheapest cost and a short time to pay the premium.


Tricky Application Process

Next, they are constrained by the complexity of the application process. In some cases, the application process may be time-consuming and you must find an agent. Then, you need to select the right policy, fill out paperwork, and occasionally run a medical exam.

Often, it needs weeks to complete the application and it can disturb your activities. Besides that, a medical exam may find serious illness or terminal illness on your body, So, you are not qualified and should look for other as your insured party.



Can you get life insurance on anyone and why do not you purchase it for yourself? Various types of policies, available benefits, and contract terms can be confusing for the policyholder. Therefore, they are confusing whether to purchase or not and finally choose it for someone.


Do policyholders get life insurance benefits the same as when they buy for themselves?

Both buy life insurance for themselves and someone else, and the insurer keeps giving the same benefits. You will receive death benefits from your insured party if they pass away in the period of the policy. The death benefit is useful to cover the insured medical treatment, funeral cost, and others according to the life policy chosen.


Final Words

Purchase a life insurance policy for someone is possible but it must be considered some factors. It means the policyholder cannot buy a life insurance plan for someone without having an interest or relationship. The insured parties can be the policyholder’s spouses, business partners, children, parents, and many more.

Can you get life insurance on anyone and what is the reason for not purchasing for yourself? A lot of reasons for people to buy life insurance for their loved ones and one of them is related to the medical exam. Whatever the reason is, pay attention to this reference in detail if you truly want to present a life insurance policy for someone.

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