Boston Mutual Life Insurance Reviews: Unique Insurer Without Online Quote And Purchasing

Boston Mutual life insurance has been serving its customers for more than a century or exactly 131 years. The life insurer is founded in 1891 with a focus to sell term and permanent life policies. Boston Mutual life insurance reviews inform the policies are offered in all states in the United States except New York.

Policyholders may purchase the coverage as an individual or as part of a group. But, term life insurance in Boston Mutual insurer is only available as a group or workplace. Some plans and coverage limits do not require medical underwriting.



Boston Mutual Life Insurance Plans

The numbers of plans in Boston Mutual insurers are five but many of them are available as group plans. A group plan of life insurance can be purchased through a participating employer. It means the policyholders should purchase and price out their coverage from a local participating agent.

Boston Mutual insurer based in Canton, Massachusetts offers low coverage limits for the individual whole life policies. The insurer also has more than 1.3 million policies and certificates in force. Fifth life insurance policies are described below pretty the policyholders know what they need for themselves and their families.


Group Term Life Plan

Term Life insurance plan is offered in group or employer-sponsored with a more affordable price than permanent life insurance policies. Boston Mutual life insurance reviews state the life insurance product protects a specific number of years. However, the amount of coverage when purchasing through the workplace is generally limited based on their multiple salaries.


Infinite Life Insurance Policy

Infinite Life policy is one of two different permanent life insurance plans for individuals. It provides the amount coverage from $2,500 to $250,000 and it is offered for applicants between the ages of 15 days to 80 years. This individual permanent life plan builds cash value and the coverage matures at the age of 121.

Applicants under 50 may apply for $100,000 or less in coverage amounts without giving medical underwriting and the paramedical exam. There are three different forfeiture options inside the policy to keep it in force when the applicants cannot pay premiums at some points. Infinite Life policy also adds some different riders such as child term coverage, accidental death benefit, and waiver of premium riders.


Legacy Life Express

Legacy Life Express is the second type of permanent life insurance coverage for individuals. It also offers coverage amounts of $250,000 and builds cash value over time. The policy premiums are guaranteed but do not increase while the policy is still active.

Policyholders between the ages of 0 to 80 can purchase Legacy Life Insurance Policy and the coverage matures at the age of 98. Applicants working or in school are asked a few health questions required. Legacy Life allows adding some optional policy riders including the accidental death benefit, waiver of premium coverage, and child term.


Legacy Life Select

Boston Mutual insurer provides a Legacy Life Select similar to Legacy Life Express but it is merely offered to current applicants. The life insurance policy is offered to municipal employees, state, federal, and eligible family members either actively working or in school.

Legacy Life Select plan is used for policyholders from the ages of 0 to 80 with the mature at the age of 98. The company provides coverage amounts up to $250,000 with a level premium and builds cash value over time. Additionally, policyholders may add available riders such as a waiver of premium, child term, and accidental death benefit.


Group AD& D

Lastly, the policyholders get Boston Mutual’s AD& D (Accidental Death and Dismemberments). Unluckily, Boston Mutual life insurance reviews state the life policy is just offered for participating employers. The coverage, later on, will protect their loved ones when they are dismembered or pass away due to an accident.

Boston Mutual Life insurer will pay the death benefit to the mentioned dependents or beneficiaries like spouses or children. AD& D life insurance also adds available riders like accelerated death benefits and a waiver of premium.

One more, the beneficiaries can get an additional seat belt benefit. It is an additional coverage amount of 50% from the death benefit policy. However, the coverage cost will be given if the policyholders die because of a car accident and they were wearing a seat belt at the time.

Additionally, the beneficiaries can receive repatriation of remaining benefits up to $5,000. The death benefit is applied to bring your remains home if the accident occurs more than 100 miles from your residence.


Available Riders In Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

All Boston Mutual’s life insurance policies offer additional riders such as child term, accelerated death benefits, waiver of premium, and accidental death benefit. Some of them are included as an additional cost at no charge.


Children’s Term Insurance

The children’s term insurance policy will cover the insured children from the ages of 15 days to 25 years old. Each kid can receive coverage up to $40,000 without giving insurability needed evidence. However, the coverage amount is provided when the death benefit is converted to the whole life insurance plan.


Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB)

Available rider of accelerated death benefit allows policyholders to access a portion of their coverage amount. But, this policy is allowed when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a lifetime opportunity of less than or until 12 months. Each ADB’s fund withdrawal will be subtracted from the policy’s overall value.


Accidental Death Benefit

Boston Mutual Life Company will pay double the policy’s original death benefit. Even though, the insurer pays the accidental death benefit if the policyholder dies because of a covered accident.

Waiver Of Premium

A waiver of premium rider is available for policyholders if they are totally and permanently disabled from their policy’s coverage period. Boston Mutual Life Insurance reviews state the available rider can keep the policy intact while waiving any future premium payments.


Pros and Cons Boston Mutual Plans

The advantages or pros of Boston Mutual Life firm include some cases. It is such as the coverage plans are available to individual and employee-sponsored. The policy does occasionally not require a medical exam and the child riders are convertible.

Meanwhile, the cons state there are no online quotes and coverage purchasing. Besides that, Boston Mutual does not sell life insurance coverage in New York. Both pros and cons of the Boston Mutual firm will be revealed in detail below:



Boston Mutual sells the coverage plans for individual and employer-sponsored or groups. The term life is offered for the employer-sponsored but some permanent life policies are offered for individuals. Both can be purchased through participating employers or from a local agent directly.

Next, the policyholders should not pass a medical exam when purchasing a certain life insurance policy. But, this policy depends on the type and how much coverage they need to bypass the medical underwriting requirements.

Children’s rider coverage is convertible and it does not need evidence of insurability. The policyholders may convert the children’s term to the whole life insurance with the coverage amounts up to $40,000. The children rider coverage will cover the policyholder’s kids up to 25 years old.



Purchasing Boston Mutual life insurance policies only through a local agent also include disadvantage for the buyers. The policyholders cannot get quotes or purchasing way via online or purchase from the company directly. According to Boston, Mutual life insurance reviews talk purchasing through a local agent or participating employer can be troublesome.

People who lived in New York cannot find and buy Boston Mutual Life Insurance Plans. They must go to other US states near them around New York if they want to join the life insurance.


Price Of Boston Mutual Life Insurance

Not only purchasing but also the price of coverage and premium will be known through the participating employer or the local agent. It is as Boston Mutual does not use digital technology to market its life insurance products.

Both coverage cost and premium rate are available differently for each applicant. It is affected by some factors such as age, gender, location, health, medical history, and tobacco use.


Boston Mutual Life Insurance Ratings

Rating is so important for any company and it becomes a consideration to value the quality of the firms and products. Boston Mutual Company joined two third-party rating agencies namely AM Best and J.D Power.

AM Best states Boston Mutual upgrades the rating from A- to A (excellent) for final strength. Based on the agency, the final strength is in the third rank from other competitors.

Meanwhile, J.D Power rates it on the product availability, pricing, and customer satisfaction when giving another trust grade. Unfortunately, Boston Mutual life insurance reviews state it does not join J.D Power in 2020. It is because of the company’s market share, small size, and worth nothing.


Complain Index

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) provides a complaint index for insurance companies. The amount of consumer complaints is adjusted to the company’s size and market share. Boston Mutual Company received an overall complaint index of 0.90 or below the industry average in 2020.


Cancellation Policy

Although Boston Mutual does not offer online quotes and purchasing, the insurer also never compounds the policyholders. The company eases policyholders to cancel their Boston Mutual Life Insurance plans.

For instance, the cancelation of an accidental death policy is quite done by sending a letter of intent via email, phone, mail, or fax. The letter must be filed with the applicant’s name, policy number, signature, and intent to cancel.

However, the cancelation of permanent Boston Mutual life insurance policies needs a bit more involved process. Policyholders must download and return online cash surrender forms after approval.

The applicable surrender fee will be subtracted from the policy’s cash value. Afterward, the policyholders should wait for four weeks to receive check funds from the company.


Boston Mutual’s Customer Service

How to connect to Boston Mutual Life Insurance can be done in some ways. It allows policyholders to come to the local Boston Mutual’s agent, participating employer, email, mail, and phone number.

Boston Mutual Life Insurance reviews inform on the customer service phone number at 877-624-2249. Everyone may contact the carrier on the number from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Final Words

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company is a unique insurer as it does not available online either the quotes or purchasing. Applicants can purchase group and individual life insurance policies through a local agency and participating employer. Even though, people in New York cannot get quotes and Buy Boston Mutual Life Insurance plans as it is not available.

Some life insurance coverage plans are offered with available riders like child term, accidental death benefits, accelerated death benefits, and a waiver of premium. The price of the coverage and premium is influenced by some factors. Boston Mutual Life Insurance reviews of the day have presented detailed information including the cancelation, rating, and pros and cons.

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